Car Battery Replacement Brampton

Ensure your vehicle’s battery are replaced to ensure perfect performance. Car Battery Replacement


Car Battery Service Brampton

There are many reasons as to why your car could stop working. One common reason is car battery failure. As time passes by, our car batteries lose their energy. Depending on your vehicle, you may or may not receive a warning. Even if your vehicle has sensors, it’s best to still get it inspected by expert technicians.

Benefits of Anti-corrosion Battery Service Brampton

Our Valvoline™ Professional Series Anti-corrosion Battery Service will:

  • Help to restore and maintain proper electrical contact
  • Work to remove caked-on corrosive elements from terminal posts
  • Place a protector pad around each post to help protect against corrosive buildup

Please remember to consult your owner’s manual for any specific manufacturer recommendations. Almost every driver has experienced that nightmare situation of having to deal with a car that won’t start. It always seems to happen at the worst possible time. Often, if your car won’t start it is an issue with the battery. A dead battery is the most common reason behind problems starting a vehicle. But a dead battery is not always the culprit. It may be a problematic starter or ignition switch, or even an empty gas tank. However, more often than not it is a preventable problem like a dead battery.

Benefits of Car Battery Replacement Service Brampton

In Valvoline Express Care Brampton, our technicians run battery replacement tests. Our equipment can run tests to see if your battery has energy, and if whether or not it has lost charge. The key to proper maintenance is frequent inspection and by following your car manufacturer’s guidelines.

Don’t Get Stuck Needing a Jump

Corrosive buildup on battery terminals can significantly reduce electrical contact, making it difficult to start your car. The deposits are unsightly and can lead to additional damage.

Did you know?

Car batteries last longer in cold climates than in warm. Cold puts a lot of demand on car batteries, however, heat is a big factor in a car’s battery life . Give Valvoline Express Care a call to discuss how we can help you increase the longevity of your car battery.

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How Does a Car Battery Die?

A car battery can die for several reasons, such as:

  • Leaving on interior lights
  • Poor conductivity
  • Loose wires
  • Old battery

If it is a case of leaving the interior light or the radio on for an extended period of time, this problem can be fixed by charging the battery from another power source. The most common example of this is using jumper cables. It is a wise decision to carry a set of jumper cables in your vehicle at all times for such an occasion. If the battery is just really old, it has likely reached its expiration date and will need to be replaced.

How Often Does a Car Battery Need to be Replaced?

Over time, car batteries start to wear down and lose the capacity to hold a charge. A healthy battery is crucial to maintaining efficient performance of your vehicle. A car’s battery is responsible for starting the engine as well as regulating the entire electrical system of the vehicle.
The suggested frequency for changing a car battery is every 3-5 years. Just like oil change and rotating the tires, replacing the battery is a necessary part of vehicle maintenance. Consult your owner’s manual for the specifics regarding your car.

If you are not sure it is time for a replacement, here are some possible signs:

  • Longer than normal start time
  • Leaking/corrosion on battery posts
  • Check engine light comes on
  • Low battery fluid
  • Swollen battery case

You can also take you car in to an automotive specialist like Valvoline Express Care to have your battery tested.

Tips for Car Battery Care

You can extend the life of your car battery, by following these suggestions:

  • Turn off all lights and electronics when you leave the vehicle
  • Don’t use electronics when engine is not running
  • Make sure the battery is tight and properly fastened in the mounting bracket
  • Clean battery terminals consistently to remove corrosion
  • Test battery regularly

Car Battery Service Brampton If you are looking for reliable car battery service in the Brampton area, Valvoline Express Care Brampton can take care of all your automotive needs.Their professional technicians will administer tests on your battery to see it is still functional and able to hold a charge. Battery replacements will only be done if necessary. If a replacement is not needed, they will clean up any corrosion and perform any other maintenance needed to keep your battery running at optimal performance. After getting your battery replaced or serviced, you be given useful tips on how to preserve the longevity of your battery.