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Get rust proofing services to protect your vehicle from Canada’s harsh weather.


Rust Check Brampton Services

The Rust Check Package

Minimize the impact of rust with our two-step Rust Check application process. We tailor our products to the specific design of your car to guarantee that we reach the nooks and crannies where rust can develop. We then tackle the exposed areas of the car’s undercarriage with the Rust Check Coat & Protect solution, which covers exposed areas of the undercarriage and provides lubrication.

No Appointment Necessary!


Starting at

Undercarriage $200

Full body $280

*Taxes extra.

Pick up

Starting at

Undercarriage $300

Full body $380

*Taxes extra.

Services Offered at Rust Proofing Brampton

At Valvoline Express Care Services in Brampton, We have oil change & rust proof specialists who will help with protecting your vehicle. We use a unique chemical compound that will create long-term protection for your system, it’s components and key metal parts. The chemical permeates throughout the metal. Vehicle parts are mainly made of metal, being made of metal they can rust easily when exposed to certain environments and conditions. From rocks and pebbles chipping away underneath your vehicle to salt; rust makes these metal parts become brittle, making these parts more susceptible to wear and tear, eventually breaking. Brampton rust protection can help those chips that you got from those stones on the road that quickly created rust.

Benefits of Rust Proofing Brampton

Protect your paint

Getting rust protection can protect your car’s paint. Your car’s paint will not only be damaged by the rust, but the reddish brown coating can also cause mechanical problems it can also cut the life of your car down.

Protect your investment

The resale value of your vehicle increases when you rustproof as well as extending your car’s lifespan while reducing your repair costs. If it is untreated it spreads to brake lines, cables even your car’s electrical system.

Drive Safe

If rust goes unnoticed, it can spread to areas of the vehicle that could impact its ability to run safely. Don’t worry knowing rust proofing Brampton keeps your vehicle safe by preventing possible breakdowns caused by corrosion.

Salt damages

At Brampton Valvoline Express Care, we understand that in Canada the salt used in cold weather can be harsh towards your vehicle; the salt will eat away at the metal of your car and create rust. Vehicles in Canada are more prone to rusting which can cause parts of your vehicle to become more brittle. That is why we believe it is important to rust proof your vehicles, as should you.

Rust spreads

To make things worse, rust spreads quickly so even a small amount of rust can lead to bigger problems if not taken care of. Eventually, small bubbles of rust or even pieces of metal falling off can occur! In addition because of the spread that means, even more, parts will be susceptible to becoming brittle.

Avoid that rust

At Brampton Valvoline we want your car to look as good as new and avoid that rust. You don’t pay all that money on your vehicle to let it lose value from a little rust. So to avoid these detrimental situations from rust, come by Valvoline Express Care in Brampton to help take of that rust.


Happy Customers


I’ve been getting my oil changed at Valvoline Brampton for years now, and I can’t recommend them enough. Their service is quick, efficient, and the staff is always friendly. Plus, knowing they use high-quality Valvoline oil gives me peace of mind knowing my car is in good hands.


I recently tried Valvoline Oil Change in Brampton for the first time, and I’m extremely impressed. Not only was the oil change fast, but the technicians were knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. My car is running smoother than ever, and I’ll definitely be coming back for my next oil change.


Me and my wife drive BMW’s. We needed rust proofing for our BMW as our vehicles were getting older. We spoke to all of our friends and we were referred to them. They showed us how their rust protection process wouldn’t affect our vehicles. We ended up selecting them as our vendor and we have been very happy with our decision ever since.


I drive a minivan 12 hours a day. Driving through this tough weather can create rust and damage. I asked my dealersip where I could get a good deal on rust check. They told me about Valvoline and how they have good discounts and loyalty promotions on rust prevention services. I booked them immediately, and I was amazed with their job.


I have been visiting Valvoloine’s brampton rust proofing location for over 2 years now. My kids and I have all taken our vehicles for rust protection. They provide excellent services at very affordable and cheap rates. I would recommmend them in a heart beat.

Common Rust Proofing Questions


Rust proofing is a preventative procedure that protects a car from rust or corrosion.

The Root of Rust

A number of different factors could cause your car to develop rust over the course of its life.


Mother Nature can really do a number on your car over time. Rain, for example, is one of the biggest contributing factors to rust. Corrosion forms when metal combines with water and oxygen. If a car is exposed to rain or high humidity, rust will gradually start to develop. Heat can also cause corrosion to develop faster than it would in a cooler climate.

Poor Road Conditions

Canadian winters can wreak havoc on your car in a different way. Salt and other de-icing substances that are used during the winter can lead to rust. Salt makes metal more vulnerable to rusting and snow can find its way into corners of your car where it will not evaporate right away. Over time, this could cause rust to develop in areas of your car that you would not notice until it is too late. Some cities also use magnesium and other chemicals to keep roads from slipping. These chemicals not only stick to the road, they will also stick to the undercarriage of your car.


Rust is a silent killer for cars. By the time you notice it, it may be too late to fix. Regular check-ups are critical to your car’s long-term health. A professional will be able to spot minor issues and prevent them from escalating into more serious and costly problems.


The decision to rust proof your car really depends on your intentions for the vehicle. If you plan to drive your car for a long time or resell it in the future, rust proofing it would be a worthwhile investment. Those that live in areas with extreme weather conditions may also benefit from getting their car rust proofed on a regular basis.

If you live in the Brampton area and would like to rust proof your vehicle, contact Valvoline Express Care Brampton to learn more about your options.


There is no bad time to rust proof your vehicle, but experts say that spring or summer is the best time to do it. Cars are most prone to rust when moisture and temperature levels begin to fluctuate. Salty residue from the winter that may be hiding in any nooks and crannies of your undercarriage will start to attack any exposed metal. Rust proofing your car in the spring or summer also means that you will be well prepared for when winter arrives. Rust proof your car at least once a year for the best results.

Get a head start on rust proofing your vehicle. Talk to a Valvoline Express Care Brampton representative today.


DIY projects can be incredibly rewarding and cost effective, but rust proofing your own car should not be one of them. Here are some of the reasons why you should go to a professional to rust proof your car:


While you may be able to find videos or articles that talk about rust proofing cars online, there is a degree of expertise that is required to do it. Professionals like the ones we have at Valvoline Express Care Brampton are well trained to effectively and efficiently rust proof cars.


Rust proofing your own car may seem like a great way to cut down on costs, but in reality, it could wind up costing you more in terms of specific tools and time. Rust proofing professionals have the necessary equipment and expertise to get into hard-to-reach places like the inside of doors and fenders, protect surrounding areas from drips and overspray and safely raise a car.


If you do decide to rust proof your own car, do yourself a favour and wait until your warranty period has ended. Your DIY project could cause potential warranty disputes with your car manufacturer.

Learn more about Valvoline Express Care Brampton’s rust proofing options.


There is no one way to rust proof your car. Each method has its own pros and cons that you need to consider beforehand.

Electronic Rust Protection

This method involves installing a small electronic module into your car. It sends an electric current through the metal to disrupt the charge between the metal and oxygen, and prevent rust from developing. While it is easy to install and purchase, its effectiveness is up for debate.

Tar-Based Spray

Also known as undercoating, this black, tar-like substance is sprayed on floor pans, wheel wells and exposed parts of a car’s undercarriage. Once it hardens, it acts as a permanent shield against moisture, salt and other elements. It does not protect the entire car and will not stop corrosion if it has already started. If it is not properly applied, cracks could develop, causing moisture to become trapped and rust to form.

Dripless Oil Spray

Dripless oil spray is a colourless spray that hardens upon drying, meaning there is no lingering mess like with other options. It is applied by drilling holes into the car’s doors and fenders so it covers the entire car. Some may be opposed to the dripless oil spray because of the drilling component, as well as the fact that it cannot get into as many areas as a watery oil solution.

Drip Oil Spray

Drip oil spray is a commonly recommended rust proofing solution. It is watery enough to access more parts of the car than dripless spray, but holes must still be drilled into the car. Another drawback is that oil may drip after application and leave stains.

Contact a Valvoline Express Care Brampton representative to learn more about our specific rust proofing solutions.