Wiper Replacement



What is Wiper Blade
Replacement Service?

Things like dirt, debris , and road grime can be very abrasive to wiper blades and sunlight can break down their rubber edges. It is easy to forget that wipers are a safety feature an unclean or obsure windshield is a true hazard.

It’s vital to get your wiper blades replaced frequently. Otherwise you will have the following issues:

  • Unclear vision through your windshield – making you prone to accidents
  • Small streaks your wipers on your windshield

No Appointment Necessary!

Why use our AQUABLADE?

AQUABLADE is dependable and reliable for all-season use. It has a special steel frame that reduces clogging, snow, and ice. It’s weather resistant, making it the perfect windshield wiper for Canada. It meets OEM standards and gets installed by expert windshield wiper technicians. See your car’s owner manual for specifications required.

Why use our SURGEBLADE?

SURGEBLADE is a top quality and premium product for your vehicle. It’s been built to be dependable, reliable squeak-free wiping.