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Why Choose Oil Changes Brampton?

Valvoline™ motor oil lubricates can help your vehicle by preventing and stopping deposits from forming on the engine’s components. It keeps contaminants at bay and reduces metal parts from grinding. This happens as your vehicle gets older, accumulates dirt and dust, and other external elements. We recommend using Valvoline Motor Oil-Change.

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Benefits of Oil-Change Brampton

Fight Against Friction

An oil-change can help reduce vehicle friction. You need to always ensure that your oil is being changed every 5000-8000 KM.

Reduce Deposit Build Up

Debris, dirt, and moisture builds up in your vehicle. It’s imperative to ensure that this is removed and cleansed.

Reduces sludge detriment

Sludge build in your vehicle can cause detriment to your engine. If the damage is severe you may need to replace your vehicle.

Reduces Heating

Changing your vehicle’s oil can reduce overheating significantly.

Provides protection to engine

Regular oil changes can help protect the performance of your engine. You can avoid an expensive repair by changing your vehicle’s oil frequently.

Maintain’s vehicle warranty

Often car dealerships require you to get synthetic oil change in order to maintain your vehicle warranty. Ensure that your getting this done frequently.

Every Great Engine Deserves a Great Oil Change

Helps to keep the engine clean by minimizing deposit formation

Resists oil thickening by providing solid oxidation control

Improve gas mileage with the most commonly recommended grades by reducing friction*

Provide anti-wear protection exceeding current U.S., Japanese and European wear tests for gasoline engines where each grade is specified

Take Your Engine for a Longer Ride

Product Features and Benefits

  • Formulated with seal conditioners and anti-wear agents to fight against the four major signs of engine wear: Reduced Power, Oil Leaks, Loss of Fuel Economy, Increased Oil Consumption
  • Special seal conditioners rejuvenate seals in high-mileage vehicles within the engine block to help prevent oil leaks
  • Additional friction-reducing additives help enhance fuel efficiency and horsepower for high-mileage vehicles
  • Increased anti-oxidants reduce oil breakdown to help prevent engine-clogging sludge and deposit formation
  • Enhanced detergents bond to metal surfaces to help prevent deposit formation
  • Specially formulated to meet the needs of vehicles as they age past 75,000 miles; its advanced formula can also be used in newer cars to help prevent the causes of engine breakdown before they begin

Don’t Let Engine Stress Steal Miles from Your Car

Product Features and Benefits

  • SynPower Full Synthetic motor oil helps protect against: Heat, Deposits and Wear
  • Provides excellent engine cleanliness through superior sludge and varnish protection
  • Helps reduce engine wear at high temperatures with improved viscosity stability
  • Provides outstanding high-temperature protection under severe driving conditions
  • Provides superior cold-temperature protection through faster oil flow at startup
  • Formulated with anti-wear additives that stay in your oil longer for outstanding protection against friction and wear
  • Helps maintain fuel efficiency for the life of the oil*

* Applies to 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30 and 10W-30 grades

Every Engine Should Run Like New

Product Features and Benefits

  • 40% more anti-wear film than Mobil 1* to protect the important metal surfaces of your engine
  • Special seal conditioners rejuvenate seals within the engine block to help prevent oil leaks
  • Increased anti-oxidants reduce oil breakdown to help prevent engine-clogging sludge and deposit formation
  • Additional friction-reducing additives help enhance fuel efficiency and horsepower
  • Shear stable viscosity modifiers help prevent viscosity breakdown
  • Enhanced detergents bond to metal surfaces to help prevent deposit formation
  • Additional advanced ashless anti-wear agents help prevent premature engine wear
  • FSwMT is specially formulated to meet the needs of vehicles as they age past 75,000 miles; its advanced formula can also be used in newer cars to help prevent the causes of engine breakdown before they begin

* Based on anti-wear film generated in Cameron Plint Test, Valvoline Full Synthetic with MaxLife Technology 5W-30 vs Mobil 1 5W-30.

Brampton Oil Change Services

Here at Oil Change Brampton, we care about making sure your vehicle runs optimally. To ensure your vehicle is running efficiently, we provided many services that are beneficial to your vehicle. Some of the services like, rust proofing, and oil changes are frequent services that are needed to ensure your vehicle is running in its tip top form. All vehicles have moving parts that rub against each other causing friction. Now to prevent these parts from deteriorating from all the friction, oil is used as a lubricant to reduce the friction. Over time, this oil becomes inefficient from age, and use. Eventually, brampton oil change is needed to ensure that these parts and your vehicle do not overheat. Normally, most vehicles can go on for 5000-8000 km before requiring an oil change, so be sure to check every now and then when you need an oil change.

Oil Change Service Brampton

Common Oil Changers Questions


An oil change is a basic and critical part of a car’s overall maintenance.

How does an Oil Change Work?

Your car’s engine contains mobile parts that rub against each other when they move. This friction produces heat, which the oil absorbs so that other internal parts of the car avoid overheating. Over time, the oil thickens when it goes through the engine, resulting in less lubrication and absorption. When that happens, it is time to get an oil change.

An oil change involves draining out old motor oil and replacing it with fresh motor oil. Often times, the oil filter will be replaced at the same time.

Contact Valvoline Express Care Brampton to discuss which of our oil change solutions work best for you.


Getting your oil changed on a regular basis is an investment that pays dividends in the short and long term. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits:

Lower Costs

The cost to repair or replace an engine can be quite substantial. An oil change improves your car’s longevity by removing the debris that could cause your engine to overheat and damage the expensive parts of your vehicle. Mechanics will often use an oil change as an opportunity to check out the overall car. You can save a lot of time, energy and money by addressing minor issues before they become full-blown problems.

Better Performance

A dirty engine full of debris and particles has to work overtime to do its job because of greater internal friction. An oil change replaces old, dirty oil with clean oil that will lubricate your engine and ensure it runs smoothly.

Better Mileage

Over time, oil leaves deposits called sludge on the interior surface of the engine. Sludge can block passageways and coating surfaces, ultimately causing overheating. Changing the oil will reduce the formation of sludge and improve your car’s mileage.

The higher quality oil you use in your car, the cleaner the engine will be and the better your car will run. Speak to a Valvoline Express Care Brampton representative to learn more about our oil change solutions. 


While there is no question that an oil change is an important part of maintaining a vehicle, there is some debate as to how often you should get it done.

On the one hand, there are some who would argue that you could stretch out the time you take in between oil changes. The design and construction of cars has improved over the years, meaning that cars often require less maintenance.

On the other hand, regular oil changes are a must if you intend to keep your car beyond the warranty period. Experts recommend that you change the oil twice a year or every 5000-7500 km.

Overall, the frequency of your oil changes will depend on a number of factors including the type of car you drive and how often you drive. If you do frequent stop-and-go driving, frequent idling, pulling, towing or driving in dusty environments, then you should change the oil more often. For instance, a vehicle that drives in the city, where idling and stop-and-go driving is common, will require more oil changes than a vehicle that is driven in the suburbs (under similar conditions).

To learn more about oil changes and how often you should get one for your vehicle, contact a member of our Valvoline Express Care Brampton team.


Your car normally needs an oil change twice a year. Many car owners enjoy maintaining their own cars as a way to save money, but fail to realize the importance of oil change professionals. Here are some of the reasons why you should seek professional help for your next oil change:


Changing the oil of your car may seem straightforward enough to do yourself, but mistakes can be costly. An oil change professional, like the ones we employ at Valvoline Express Care Brampton, are well trained to drain the oil properly and ensure that the proper oil is used for your car.

Municipal Restrictions

Depending on where you live, there may be bylaws that prevent you from using residential property or areas for automotive repairs. Such bylaws are usually put in place to limit the possibility of personal injury or environmental pollution. If bylaws of that nature exist in your area, you could be subject to a heavy fine if you are caught doing your own oil change.

Safety Concerns

Oil change professionals have the necessary equipment to ensure that your oil is changed safely. For example, most of the ramps that are sold by retailers are not sturdy enough and it is entirely possible that one of the ramps could tilt while you are underneath the car. In addition, a residential home is not the ideal place to change the oil of a car. Flammable substances could come into contact with other dangerous materials and elements, putting you and your family at risk.

Additional Assistance

Mechanics will often use an oil change appointment as an opportunity to do a full check up on a car. At that time, he or she could identify issues that you were otherwise unaware of. Some of these services may even be free of charge, for example checking the wheels or even cleaning your windshield.

When it comes to changing your oil, focus less on the amount of money you are spending and more on the investment you are making for the future. Contact Valvoline Express Care Brampton to discuss your oil change options and what products would work best for you.


Happy Customers


I’ve been getting my oil changed at Valvoline Brampton for years now, and I can’t recommend them enough. Their service is quick, efficient, and the staff is always friendly. Plus, knowing they use high-quality Valvoline oil gives me peace of mind knowing my car is in good hands.


I recently tried Valvoline Oil Change in Brampton for the first time, and I’m extremely impressed. Not only was the oil change fast, but the technicians were knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. My car is running smoother than ever, and I’ll definitely be coming back for my next oil change.


Me and my wife drive BMW’s. We needed rust proofing for our BMW as our vehicles were getting older. We spoke to all of our friends and we were referred to them. They showed us how their rust protection process wouldn’t affect our vehicles. We ended up selecting them as our vendor and we have been very happy with our decision ever since.


I drive a minivan 12 hours a day. Driving through this tough weather can create rust and damage. I asked my dealersip where I could get a good deal on rust check. They told me about Valvoline and how they have good discounts and loyalty promotions on rust prevention services. I booked them immediately, and I was amazed with their job.


I have been visiting Valvoloine’s brampton rust proofing location for over 2 years now. My kids and I have all taken our vehicles for rust protection. They provide excellent services at very affordable and cheap rates. I would recommmend them in a heart beat.