Synthetic Motor Oil Myths

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There are quite a few myths pertaining to motor oil, recycled oils and synthetic oils. In order to help set things straight, we’ve addressed and debunked a lot of the common Motor Oil Myths below.

MYTH: Synthetic motor oil is “fake” oil.

Synthetic motor oils are not fake. They are derived from crude oil, natural gas, or other chemical feed materials; however, as a general rule they use more extensively processed, higher quality base oils than conventional motor oils. Synthetic oils also use different additives than conventional oils that are designed for extra wear protection and higher stability to temperature and shear.

MYTH: Synthetic motor oil is bad for engine seals.

Synthetic motor oil will not cause any damage to engine seals.

MYTH: Synthetic oil causes cars to use more oil.

False. Synthetic oils will not cause an engine to use more oil.

MYTH: Synthetic oil creates more sludge.

Not true. Valvoline synthetics include extra detergents to help clean an engine and reduce the risk of sludge.

MYTH: Synthetic oils are too thin and can create blow-by and oil burn-off in older cars.

Synthetic motor oils do not affect seals and will not be the cause of blow-by or oil burn-off in an older engine. Just like conventional motor oil, synthetic oils have a specific viscosity grade. However, our synthetic motor oil contains extra lubrication additives to make the oil stronger and provide higher heat dissipation.

MYTH: Once you’ve used synthetic motor oil you can’t switch to conventional motor oil.

Not true. Synthetic and conventional oils are compatible, so it is not harmful if you decide to switch.

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