Your car engine is an intricate and complex piece of machinery, but one simple fact about your engine is that it needs fresh oil to run efficiently.

Neglecting to change your oil at recommended intervals can lead to the deterioration of your engine, and eventual seizure or even shutdown.

Once that happens you are looking at some potentially terrifying expenses for engine repair or replacement.

It is much easier to stay ahead of the game with preventative measures like routine oil changes.

Oil Change Brampton

Valvoline Express Care is an experienced and professional automotive service provider in Brampton.

Oil changes being just one aspect of the full vehicular maintenance services offered at Valvoline Express Care, you can get all your automotive needs handled at Valvoline expertly and efficiently.

Oil changes are recommended every 5000 km or so, depending on the make and model of your vehicle as well as your daily driving conditions. Check your owner’s manual to be sure.

10 Reasons for Routine Oil Changes

There are many good reasons not to miss your regularly scheduled oil changes.

Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Performance
  • Protection
  • Reduce friction
  • Efficiency
  • Prevent overheating
  • Remove contaminants
  • Prevent leaks
  • Better fuel economy
  • Extended vehicle life
  • Cleaner emissions


Clean oil is the key ingredient to a highly performing engine. Clean oil improves performance by:

  • Providing lubrication
  • Reducing wear and tear
  • Keeps the engine cool


Fresh oil protects the engine form damage to all its many moving parts. Oil provides the lubrication necessary to prevent metal components from grinding against each other that can seriously damage the engine.

Clean oil also helps condensation from gathering in the engine, which could lead to corrosion.

Reducing Friction

Oil that remains in the engine past its due date means it is not providing adequate protection against friction.

The more friction, the more potential damage to your engine.

Increasing Efficiency

The older oil gets, the less efficient it becomes in running and protecting the engine. As time goes on, oil loses its viscosity and begins to accumulate with sludge and debris.

If the sludge build-up goes too far, it may result in engine seizure.

Preventing Overheating

As oil quality begins to deteriorate, your engine has to work harder to compensate. The oil in your engine also gradually burns away over time. If your oil reaches dangerously low levels, engine problems are sure to follow.

Removing Contaminants

Over time, contaminants, impurities, and even shards of metal begin to accumulate in oil. Obviously, shards of metal in your oil is not good for the engine.

Regular oil changes make sure contaminants are flushed out.

Preventing Leaks

Oil leaks are another issue that may occur if the oil goes long enough unchanged and unchecked. If your oil level is low, it could be an indication of a leak.

Routine oil changes ensure these types of problems are taken care before they start.

Better Fuel Economy

Clean oil, means a more efficiently running engine, means reduced fuel consumption.

Investing in consistent oil changes usually means saving money in other areas.

Extended Vehicle Life

Do you want your vehicle to last as long a possible?

If you are looking to get longevity and high performance out of your vehicle, regular oil changes are a must.

Cleaner Emissions

When your car is running on clean oil, you are being more environmentally responsible.