Top 5 Reasons You Should Get a Professional for Your Oil Change

Top 5 Reasons You Should Get a Professional for Your Oil Change

Depending on the type of car you are driving, you may need to change your oil between 3000 to 8000 miles. This is to ensure that your car’s engine will always be properly lubricated. Remember, failure to change oil could cause serious damage to your car’s engine or affect the fuel efficiency of your car. 

Anyone can change the oil of their cars as long as they have the necessary equipment to do so, but it would be advisable that you get a professional to do it for you instead. Here are five reasons you should hire a professional to get your oil change.

Reasons to Get your Oil Change Professionally

Reason #1: Personal Safety

When it comes to changing your car’s oil, you will certainly need to lift up your car with a jack. Although jacks nowadays are very safe to use, there is still that slight possibility of an accident, especially if you have put the jack in the incorrect spot.

To avoid that kind of problem, it would be best to leave this kind of thing to the professionals since they have undergone all the necessary training to avoid such injuries and accidents.

Reason #2: Best Product Selection

One thing about changing the oil of your car, you will need to buy the oil itself. With hundreds of different brands and types, it would be best to leave it to the professional to ensure that your car’s engine runs smoothly without any problems.

Most auto shops will be able to select which is best for your car and what additional fluids it may require to keep the engine in tip-top shape.

Reasons #3: Save Time

First and foremost, changing your car’s oil by yourself will definitely take some time, especially if you are still new to the process. There are even times when you will lack the necessary tools and products for the oil change, which will further cause delays in the process.

Professional auto mechanics will be able to change your car’s engine oil easily within a few minutes or so.

Reason #4: Avoid Messes

Another thing about changing your car’s engine oil is the mess that it could cause to you and your place. Changing the oil yourself could leave you with stained clothes and hands, and your floor will be pretty messy after the whole process.

At least, if you get your oil changed in an auto shop, then you won’t have to worry about any messes to you and your place.

Reason #5: Find Out Whether Other Issues

One of the best things about hiring a professional to do your car’s oil-change is that they will be able to pinpoint some other issues that your car might have. These issues can range from very small ones to crucial ones that may result in an accident if not fixed.

Other fluids that your car may need, such as steering and brake fluid, are also checked during the oil change. These fluids are essential and might get you into a traffic accident if not refilled.

Final Thoughts

It is undeniable that changing your car’s oil by yourself can save you quite a bit of cash, but it won’t be worth it at all. There is the possibility of you getting into an accident if you somehow got it wrong. The whole process takes quite a bit of time if done by an amateur. The messes and stains it might leave on your clothes and driveway.

So, if you want to get your oil change, your best bet would be to get a professional to do it for you.