What You Need to Know About Valvoline Express Care’s Auto Glass Repair Surfaces

What You Need to Know About Valvoline Express Care’s Auto Glass Repair Surfaces

Auto glass is not only there for aesthetic purposes. But, it is also crucial to keep the car and its passengers safe from debris and other outside elements when travelling. Unfortunately, there might come a time when your auto glass might sustain damage. 

Luckily, Valvoline Express Care offers a speedy glass and reliable auto glass repair service. If you are interested in knowing more about it, continue reading the article. 

Types of Auto Glass Damage

There are plenty of types of damage that can happen to your car. At Valvoline Express care, their professionals will first assess the damage on your auto glass with the following classifications:

Surface Chip

Surface chips are one of the most common types of windshield damage. It refers to a surface nick that does not fully puncture the surface of the glass. These types of chips are fixable with minor repairs as long as it is immediately addressed. 

Bull’s Eye Chip

A bull’s eye chip happens due to an impact caused by stones or rock from the road that hit the glass. Characteristically, it is circular in shape with a cone-shaped hole on the outer layer of the windshield. 

This type of auto glass damage is fixable with repair if the chip is less than one inch, there’s no dirt on the chip, and if it is not in the driver’s field of vision. 

Half Moon Chip

Half Moon chips are similar to bulls-eye chips because they are both caused by impact from rocks or stones. The difference is that they are not fully circular in shape hence their name. This type of chip is repairable as long as it’s not in the driver’s eye line and it is not too big.  

Star Chip

Star chips are caused by impact and usually have small cracks from the center, creating a star-shaped design. This type of chip can be repaired if it is smaller than a looney, but you will need to have it replaced if it is not. 

Angel Wings

Angel wing chip is also known as a combination crack. It is possible to repair this if this chip’s diameter does not exceed 2 inches.

Star Burst Chip

This chip is similar to the star chip, except it has escalated and covers a wider area. If not taken care of immediately, it might need to be replaced. 

Straight Line Crack

Unlike other chips caused by impact, this one can result from too much pressure. It is fixable if it’s not too big and does not affect the edge of the windshield or the eye line of the driver. 

Extended Bulls Eye

An extended bull’s eye is a magnified version of the bulls eye chip. It usually requires replacement because of its gravity.

Repair or Replace?

Not all types of auto glass damage are fixable, like massive extended bull eyes, angel wings, star chips, or other types of chips left alone for an extended period of time-. When fixing it is not an option, you might have no other choice but to have it replaced entirely. 

In case your auto glass is in need of a replacement, Valvoline Express Care also provides replacement services. Just like with their windshield repair service, you can expect speedy and reliable results at a reasonable price. 

Final Words

Regardless of what type of auto glass damage your vehicle has, Valvoline Express Care can help. Just bring it in to have it assessed by their expert professionals. These professionals can also help you replace it if it is deemed unfixable.