Windshield Replacement Services

Windshield Replacement Services

Valvoline Express Care and Uniglass Plus have partnered up to offer effective solutions for auto glass replacement. Both companies have long histories of providing the ultimate security and protection for your windshield.

With a heavy focus on customer satisfaction, the goal is always to offer impeccable service and outstanding results.

When does a windshield need to be replaced?

Sometimes it may be difficult to determine if a windshield can get by with a quick repair, or an auto glass replacement is necessary.

Some factors that can help verify if a replacement is needed might be:

  • Chip size and description
  • Where is the chip?
  • How long has the chip been there?

Chip Size and Description

The first step will be to assess the size and type of chip in your windshield.

Is the chip just a superficial scratch on the surface of your windshield? If the chip appears as a small star shape or bullseye, smaller than a looney or toonie, then you can likely get away with just a repair.

However, if the chip or crack extends across the windshield or looks like a sizeable spider web, then a replacement is likely required.

Chip Location

The next factor has to do with where the chip is located on your windshield.

Chips or cracks that impede your field of vision will probably end up needing a windshield replacement. The same is true for cracks that extend to the edges or corners of the glass. Cracks that reach the edge of the windscreen compromise the structural integrity of the glass.

Length of Time

The longer the chip has been there, the more likely the windshield will need to be replaced.

To avoid the need for auto glass replacement, chips and cracks should be attended to as soon as possible.

What happens to chips that are not dealt with quickly?

Chips that are not addressed in a timely manner can quickly turn into extended cracks or fissures.

Overtime, there are a variety of factors that can impact a chip and escalate the issue. Some of these factors include:

  • Temperature changes
  • Pressure changes – outside air pressure
  • Debris, dirt, and stones hitting the windshield
  • Rain and water pressure
  • Windshield wiper activity
  • Pressure from the inside of the windshield

Impact vs Stress Cracks

Impact cracks are caused by something like a rock or stone hitting the windshield and causing a chip or crack.

Stress cracks are often caused by other elements, such as:

  • Changes in temperature
  • Structural irregularities
  • Changes in atmospheric pressure

Windshield Safety

Aside from protection from outside elements, and a clear field of vision, an unblemished windshield is also relied for other safety features.

A fully intact windshield offers such safety measures as:

  • Keeping passengers inside the vehicle in the case of an accident
  • Providing support for the roof if the vehicle rolls
  • Successful deployment of the passenger side airbag

The windshield is considered to be the third most important safety component in a vehicle, after seatbelts and airbags.

What can happen if your drive with a cracked windshield?

Not only does driving with a cracked windshield compromise the safety of you and your passengers, it is also illegal and can result in a hefty fine.

Leave Windshield Replacements to the Experts

Replacing a windshield is not something most car owners feel comfortable doing, and with good reason.

With advanced technology, the structural role of the windshield in vehicles has become progressively more complex.

For most vehicles, around 70% of the structural integrity of the entire vehicle is held in place by the windshield.

That is not something you want to mess around with if you don’t know what you are doing, for your own safety and the wellbeing of your future passengers.

Insurance & Warranty

Valvoline and Uniglass Plus will take care of the insurance details on your behalf. Partnerships with most auto insurance companies in Ontario make the insurance process simple and convenient.

A lifetime Secure-Clear Warranty offers coverage against future repairs needed for chips and small cracks.

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How Does Rust Proofing Protect Your Vehicle?

How Does Rust Proofing Protect Your Vehicle?

Driving hazards are not limited to unfavorable road conditions. Living in Canada, we are exposed to a variety of harsh weather and environmental elements.

In the winter we have to battle with snow and ice, in the summer we must concern ourselves with the effects of the baking sun. The winter roads are covered with salt to make driving conditions more favorable, but this road treatment can also have negative effects on your vehicle.

This is why it is crucial to protect your vehicle for potential rust and corrosion. Rust is formed when metal is exposed to moisture and oxygen for a prolonged period. Road salt accelerates this process.

An unprotected vehicle is vulnerable to serious rust damage.

Rust Proofing Brampton

If you are looking for an exceptional rust proofing service in the Brampton area, Valvoline Express Care Brampton is just the spot.

The experience and qualified rust proof technicians at Valvoline offer 6 good reasons why rust proofing is worth the investment.

6 Strong Reasons to Rust Proof

There are many compelling reasons to have your car rust protected on a regular basis, here are 6 of them:

  • Preserved value
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Appearance
  • Longevity
  • Reduced mechanic bills
  • Safety

Preserved Value

There is no disputing that unsightly rust and corrosion can diminish the value of your car. When it comes time to sell, a rust-free vehicle will sell more quickly, and for a higher price tag.

Valvoline rust proofing services in Brampton will help preserve the value, whether you are trading in or buying a new car.

Environmental Concern

A rust-free vehicle will obviously last a lot longer than one that has been rusted out. Keeping your car on the road longer means the longer it will avoid the scrap heap. The helps prevent overflow at the scrap yard, which is detrimental to the environment.

Adding a few extra years to your car’s life is not only good for your bank account, but also the environment.


Rust proofing is one of the best ways to maintain the structure and appearance of your vehicle. Rust holes are not only unattractive, but they can also compromise the structural integrity of your car.


An automobile is a considerable expense. Yes, there maintenance costs that come with every vehicle, but the biggest charge is when you are buying a new car.

Rust proofing is a great way to prolong the purchase of a new vehicle. For example, regular rust proofing could be the difference between buying just one car over a 10-year period, instead of two or three.

Fewer Mechanic Bills

Rust proofing is one the best types of maintenance to reduce repair costs. Rust proofing will help protect the body, frame, brakes, electrical components, and the undercarriage.

A small investment in rust proofing can save a lot of money in the long run.


If rust goes unchecked for long enough, it can begin to cause serious structural damage to your vehicle. This can compromise the safety of you and your passengers.

The experts at Valvoline Express Care will ensure your car is well protected and safe to drive.

Valvoline Express Care

The most effective and reliable rust proofing in Brampton can be found at Valvoline Express Care.

Keep your vehicle feeling safe and looking new with regular rust protection.