I am sure many of us have had trouble with our vehicles in the winter. We are all in this together, wondering if the weather has as much impact on the engine of a vehicle as it does on the outside. This then raises questions about the right type of Engine oil we should use in cold weather. If this is what you are wondering, then your questions are going to be answered in less than five minutes of reading this article.

Start with the Vehicle’s Manual

To get the exact requirement of the oil you need to use for your vehicle, you need to check these details in the manual. This information never misses out. The good thing about consulting the manual is that you will also get other important information, such as how the mileage and time intervals to change the oil.

If you are not in a position to get all this information, don’t second guess because you may end up damaging your engine. We have qualified technicians at Valvoline Brampton who will readily help you.

The Importance of Engine Oil

Using the right oil is good for your vehicle regardless of the time of the year. Using the recommended oil will ensure that you get the best performance from your vehicle. It will also increase the life service of your engine. 

So, why is it so important to get the right oil? Oil plays a critical role in reducing friction through lubrication. Without the oil, the moving parts of the vehicle would overheat and fail to function at their optimum level. 

Understanding the Motor Oil Code

Have you seen codes such as SAE 5w30 as you check recommendations of the type of oil you should use and wondered what these they stand for? Here is the simple answer: 

  • SAE stands for the Society of Automotive Engineers.
  • The first number (in this case, 5) shows the oil viscosity during cold weather. A lower number implies that the oil will perform better when temperatures are low. 
  • The last number (30 in this example) shows the viscosity of the oil at the engine’s operating temperature.

Get Quality Oil for All Seasons

Valvoline Express Care Brampton’s oil is made to make sure that you get the best performance from your engine. Be sure that our products will even exceed the specification of manufacturers because our focus is to provide the best services in the automobile industry. 

Consider Replacing Your Oil

The winter weather provides you with a good opportunity to consider changing the type of oil you have been using. If you have used your vehicle for a while, you can still make the change. You don’t have to wait until you reach or exceed the required mileage and interval. You will get better performance the earlier you change the oil.

Old oil can be harmful to your vehicle. This is because as it circulates, it continues to be loaded with sludge, leading to internal damage. You do not want to have such a vehicle during the cold weather because the performance will be worse.

During cold weather, you are probably not driving your vehicle as much as you do during the summer. This means that the vehicle hardly reaches the optimal operating temperature. At these cold temperatures, acids easily accumulate on the cylinder wall, where they get mixed up with oil. This is bad news for your engine if you are using old oil. This old oil will not have the required active additive to neutralize the acid. This is the reason we recommend replacing your oil during cold weather.

Why Topping Up is Not the Best Solution

When you top up the oil, it means that the old oil and all the sludge are still in your engine. You need to replace all the oil to get the most out of your engine. After all, you will be reducing the effectiveness of the new oil by adding it to the old dirty oil. 

You need to have a technician help you for oil change Brampton and replace the clogged filters. At Valvoline Brampton, we have qualified technicians who will help you and answer any other questions you may be having.  You can also visit Valvoline for SUV, Truck and Car Rust Proofing in Brampton. They have oil changes as well as rust proofing special deals and coupons in the Rewardola app.