Why Synthetic Oil is the right choice for an Oil Change

Why Synthetic Oil is the right choice for an Oil Change

If you’re going to drive, you’re better off giving your car the “good stuff,” meaning high quality synthetic oil at Valvoline Express Care Brampton. Oil change Brampton is proud to offer two types of premium synthetic (synthetic blend and full synthetic) oils that provide the best protection and performance possible. Trust out automotive experts to help you select the perfect motor oil for your vehicle’s unique needs.
Did you know that synthetic oils have far surpassed conventional when it comes to engine protection in both new and old cars? Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits of this motor oil.

Better engine protection

When the parts of an engine are moving, they are grinding against each other constantly at high speeds. Synthetic oil acts as a barrier that keeps parts of your engine from utterly destroying each other when they are in motion. At oil change Brampton, our synthetic reduces engine wear, and is actually slicker to reduce friction. When the cleaner engine is better protected, it can effectively increase engine life. In contrast, conventional oil breaks down gradually, and its ability to prevent engine wear diminishes. Oil’s ability to deal with heat and friction is the key, and synthetic oil does a better job.

Environment friendly

One of the biggest issues with conventional oil has to change your oil every 5000 miles, which is potentially damaging to your engine. When you think about it, burning less gas means, you are producing less smog. This mileage can be increased significantly with the use of new and improved synthetic oil products from oil change Brampton. Because synthetic motor oil lasts about three times longer than petroleum motor oil, you will need far less oil to freshen up your engine, before the oil finally quits. Simply put, it isn’t used and dumped as frequently. As fewer oil changes reduce the waste-disposal problem, this translates to a healthier, greener planet for all of us. The less oil we use in our cars, the better.

Cleaner fuel system

It’s important to keep the internal parts of engine clean too keep free of sludge and other buildup. The very fact that synthetic oil is made in a laboratory means that is purer than ordinary motor oil. The fact is, it can better resist the formation of sludge, thereby preventing deposits from forming in your engine. At oil change Brampton, our synthetic oil contains fewer impurities compared to carbon based conventional oil. Overtime, conventional oil forms sludge faster when your engine is in motion. As this happens, it reduces your engine’s efficiency, and ultimately, the life of your engine. When it comes to cleaning an engine, conventional oil just doesn’t perform as well as synthetics.

Longer engine life

Better lubrication on cold starts? Higher performance? Maximum horsepower? You’re asking a lot from your engine. The fact is: conventional motor oils just can’t handle the toughest engine conditions. Over time, the high temperatures in your engine can cause conventional motor oils to break down or evaporate exposing your engine to wear. Some cars like yours simply demand synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is specially engineered to maintain its viscosity at higher temperatures over long periods of time. This better lubricant flows a lot easier in a wide range of temperatures, making for less engine wear. Using synthetic at oil change Brampton can ensure that your vehicle will drive to its fullest capacity.

Best maintenance

Finally, you can count on synthetic at oil change Brampton to provide the best maintenance for your engine. This can also have a positive impact on your vehicle’s (and its component) life expectancy. In order to keep everything running smoothly, it’s important that you follow your manufacture recommendations as far as oil goes.
Synthetic oil sure sounds like a winner, doesn’t it? Next time you come in for an oil change Brampton (whether you have a sedan, van, SUV, or sports car), be sure to go for the synthetic option to maximize the protection of your engine.


Don’t Ignore Chips and Cracks on your Windshield

Don’t Ignore Chips and Cracks on your Windshield

Neglecting any sort of blemishes on your windshield, regardless of size or severity, can be dangerous for you and other drivers on the road. A lot of drivers may notice a tiny crack in the windshield and think nothing of it. If the chip does not affect their field of vision, or pose an immediate threat, many vehicle owners will put off fixing it until it becomes a bigger problem. The main concern with the ‘wait and see’ approach is that it will eventually become a much larger issue, that much you can count on.

Minor blemishes in your windshield can be quick and easy to repair if handled in a timely fashion. When cracks are small and superficial, they are quite easy to fix. However, if seemingly insignificant damage is ignored, over time the problem will inevitably spread. As these cracks extend from the initial point of contact, they begin to compromise the integrity of the entire windshield. This now jeopardizes the safety of you and your passengers, as well as all the drivers around you. Not mention that a quick repair is no longer an option, and the only fix now is an expensive full windshield replacement.

The main take away here is to stay vigilant with your autoglass windshield repair to avoid further damage, costly replacements, and safety risks.

Reasons to Stay on Top of Autoglass Windshield Repair

There is an assortment of convincing reasons to practice responsible windshield care. Some of the biggest factors include:

  • Safety
  • Cost
  • Time
  • Performance
  • Environmentally responsible


For all practical purposes, the number one to stay vigilant with your autoglass windshield care is safety. As a driver, your chief responsibility should be to optimize safety for yourself, your passengers, and other drivers in your vicinity.

Windshield blemishes compromise safety by hindering driver visibility as well as weakening the strength of your windshield should you get into an accident. There are enough hazards on the road already for drivers to be cautious about; there is no need to further contribute to danger with a damaged windshield.


As prices for virtually everything around us are continually on the rise, people are constantly looking for ways to save money to make ends meet. Unfortunately, this results in people cutting corners in certain areas to save money. Neglecting chips in your windshield is not a recommended cost-cutting solution. You may think you are saving money by forgoing small repair expenses to get a chip fixed. However, this will inevitably cost you more money in the long run. The blemish is not just going to go away or repair itself. It will continue to spread across your windshield, and if ignored for long enough, will result in a more time-consuming and expensive windshield replacement.


There is no disputing that repairing a small crack in your autoglass takes considerably less time than a full replacement would. A simple and speedy blemish fix means minimal downtime for your vehicle. A windshield replacement is a more demanding and labor intensive fix, meaning your vehicle may not be available for you to get to work or other important appointments.


Getting blemishes fixed as they occur helps ensure that your field of vision is unhindered, and your driving visibility is optimized. This enhances not only safety, but also performance. When cracks are professionally repaired on your windshield, it strengthens that area in the glass to improve overall durability for longer lasting performance.

Environmentally Responsible

When a windshield replacement is required, it means having the entire windshield removed and it will most likely end up in a landfill. Getting repairs done as needed prevents this process, which is beneficial to your bank account as well as the environment.

Staying on top of windshield care for your vehicle is the best thing you can do for enhancing safety, reducing expenses, improving performance, and minimizing environmental impact.