Clean oil is crucial to the effective operation of your vehicle and preventing premature wear and engine damage. Routine oil changes are one of the most important aspects of regular vehicle maintenance. Neglecting general upkeep of your automobile is not advisable if you hope to get the best value and performance from it.

As far as oil changes go, you basically have the option to either Do It Yourself (DIY), or leave up to professional oil changers like Valvoline Express Care Brampton.

There are variety of concerns and complications that should be considered before opting to go the DIY route. Truth be told, if you choose to perform your own oil changes you are looking at a lot of work and access to equipment you likely don’t have in an attempt to save a little money. Most likely it will end up costing you more and most certainly will take much more time.

Detriments of a DIY Oil Change

There are many dissuading factors that make DIY oil changes an unappealing option. Some reasons to go with the expert oil changers and avoid making it a DIY project are:

  • Undercarriage access
  • Drainage
  • Filter change
  • Replacing old oil with new
  • Safe and responsible used oil disposal

Undercarriage Access

Do you have a hydraulic lift in your garage? If not, then you are going to have to get on the ground and slide under your vehicle to locate the oil plug. In some cases you may have to jack-up the car to gain direct access, of course ensuring the wheels are properly stabilized to prevent movement or rolling. This uncomfortable and laborious task can be avoided with a professional oil-change.


Once you have located the oil plug, the next step of the process is to drain out the old, dirty oil into a container or pan. You will need to pay careful attention to which plug you are unscrewing to avoid picking the wrong one and draining the transmission fluid by mistake. This can be a very messy job, and if not done right you may have just doubled the amount of work you need to do.

Filter Change

Changing the filter regularly is also essential for optimal engine performance. Some people recommend changing the filter every time you get an oil-change, others say every other time. Either way, you will need to buy a compatible filter for your vehicle, or it won’t fit right. To get things properly rolling, a suitable amount of fresh oil should be poured into the filter to prevent any interruption.

Replacing Old Oil With New

Now that the oil is drained you should do a check for any leaks or spills that may have occurred to prevent the drips from burning on the engine. It is also a good idea to make sure you are using the best type of oil for your car. Different grades of motor oil are available for different vehicles, circumstances, and driving conditions.

Safe and Responsible Used Oil Disposal

Alright, the new oil has been added but the job is not done yet. Used, contaminated can’t be simply disposed of as you please. You should locate the nearest designated disposal site to get rid of your old oil to avoid damaging the environment.

Oil Changes Brampton

If you have been considering taking on oil changes as a DIY project, you may be changing your tune due to the daunting amount of work and equipment required. Purchasing all the right tools and products needed for an oil change will likely not end up being any cheaper than a professional job.

Why not save all the time, hassle, and expense and have an expert take care of the job in no time?

Roll in to Valvoline Express Care Brampton for quick and efficient service. You can even download the app for access to coupons for a free oil change.