As a vehicle owner, it can be particularly challenging to find affordable ways to protect your vehicle from damage and keep it running at optimal levels. Auto maintenance may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it can end up saving you considerable sums of money in the long run. One of the most crucial aspects of routine maintenance car owners should be concerned with is rust protection. Rust and corrosion can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle. As rust forms and spreads it can eradicate the metal components on your vehicle. This includes the body of your car that protects you from accidents and injury. If the body of your vehicle is compromised by corrosion, it is not safe for you and your passengers.

Brampton Auto Rust Proofing

Drivers in Canada are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to vehicle protection due to extreme weather conditions and perpetually changing seasons. In the winter, your car sees exposure to ice, snow, and salt, followed by periods of heavy rain in spring, and baking heat in the summer. This seasonal cycle provides an ideal recipe for rust formation. So, when is a good time for professional rust proofing? Car owners in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, and all around the GTA can benefit from Valvoline Express Care expert rust proofing services.

When to Rust Proof

Truth be told, there is really no wrong time to rust proof your vehicle as long as it is clean when the rust protection is applied.

Rust Proofing New Vehicles

Just after a vehicle is purchased makes for ideal time to have it safeguarded against rust formation. Many manufacturers offer rust proofing as an add-on feature, leaving it up to the new owner to decide if it is a necessary feature. If your new vehicle does not include rust proofing, or the manufacturer rust protection appears to be sub-standard, then getting a professional auto service to do your rust proofing is recommended.

Rust Proofing Used Vehicles

Regardless of how old your vehicle is, it is never too late to have it safeguarded against rust and corrosion. The most important aspect of rust proofing a used vehicle is to make sure the automobile is thoroughly cleaned before application. Implementing rust proofing to a vehicle covered in dirt and grime is counter-productive. For the ultimate protection of a used vehicle, having the car professionally cleaned and detailed before rust proofing is the way to go. This type of investment can end up saving you money on expensive repair bills, and can help preserve the resale value.

Rust Proofing Techniques

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to rust protection, depending on your vehicle type and objectives. Some rust proofing options include:

  • Undercoating
  • Oil spray
  • Drip spray


Protecting the undercarriage of your vehicle is essential for the prevention of rust and corrosion. The underside of your car is susceptible to chips and cracks caused by debris flying up off the road. Undercoating spray provides a rubberized layer of protection against scratches and blemishes, as well as the salt and moisture that lead to rust formation.

Oil Spray

This technique uses a viscous oil-based spray which is applied to the metal components of the vehicle. It dries quickly and hardens to form a thick, protective layer. Due to the viscosity and inflexibility of the substance, it is difficult to get into cracks and crevices.

Drip Spray

One of the more popular methods of rust proofing application is the drip spray approach. Drip spray employs the use of a more watery oil-based spray, that trickles down and gets into all the corners and hard to reach areas.

Steps to Successful Rust Proofing

To provide your vehicle with optimal rust protection, the job should be done thoroughly and properly by a trained professional. Expert rust proofers help ensure:

  • Your vehicle is meticulously cleaned before rust proofing
  • The undercarriage is fully coated and covered
  • Rust protection is comprehensive and effective