Valvoline Oil Change Rewards and Discounts

Valvoline Oil Change Rewards and Discounts

Oil changes are something all vehicle owners must provide for their automobiles as a part of regular maintenance. Why not earn rewards and discounts in the process?

Valvoline Express Care Brampton

Valvoline Express Care has been providing top quality automotive service and maintenance in the Brampton area for well over 20 years now.
This long-standing period of operation means that customers can expect fast, efficient and complete service and results every time.
Not only can all customers rely on top quality service, but they can also earn discounts and rewards while experiencing it.

Discounts and Rewards

The first step to collecting rewards and discounts, is to download the Valvoline App. Once the app has been downloaded you are on your way to earning reward points, discounts, and coupons for various services and products.
For example, you can receive a coupon for a discounted or free oil change.

Oil Change Brampton

If you are looking for a reliable automotive service provider in the Brampton area, Valvoline Express Care has you covered on all sides.
Automotive maintenance is a smart and effective method for preserving the performance, safety, and value of your vehicle.
Oil is the life-blood of your vehicle, keeping it running and preventing it from breaking down and overheating. It needs to be kept clean, or it will not continue to have the desired results. Once oil has become dirty and contaminated, it no longer provides the necessary protection for your engine. This can lead to all kinds of unfavorable results.

Advantages of a Valvoline Oil Change

The expert technicians at Valvoline have performed thousands of oil changes, so you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is in very capable hands. Some of the benefits to be enjoyed are:

  • Clean and lasting engine
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Protect the environment
  • Value and performance

Engine Preservation

Consistent oil changes are key to preserving the condition of your engine. Oil changes help keep your engine clean and functional.
Oil that flows from other areas of the vehicle, can bring dirt and debris into the engine if the oil is not kept clean. If the oil goes unchanged for an extended period of time, a sludge can start to build and accumulate in the engine. This is not good for the engine, or the car in general, for that matter.
By having your oil changed and your filters replaced regularly, you can prevent this build up before it has a chance to do any damage to your engine. This will enhance the longevity of your engine, saving you money and stress.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

The dirt and sludge that we were just talking about, that can build up in your engine without proper maintenance, will lead to your engine having to work harder. On the other hand, if you keep your oil and your engine clean, then your engine doesn’t have to work as hard. Less grit build-up means less friction, which leads to less resistance and a smoother running engine.
This all serves to improve your gas mileage.

Protect the Environment

Failure to have your oil changed consistently will result in an accumulation of harmful hydrocarbons inside your engine. These hazardous substances then get burned up when your vehicle is operated and released into the environment.
Protect the environment and limit your contribution to air pollution by changing your oil in a timely fashion.

Value and Performance

Vehicular maintenance generally all comes down preserving the value and optimizing the performance of your automobile.
By spending a little money up front to maintain your car, you will be avoiding substantial mechanic bills later on. You will also have to buy a new vehicle less frequently, which is obviously a massive expense.

Leave Oil Changing to the Experts

Are you thinking about trying to cut costs when it comes to oil changes? Taking shortcuts when it comes to car maintenance can end up costing you a lot more in the long run.
Owning a vehicle can be an expensive and demanding endeavor. Regular upkeep and continual expenses are par for the course when you own an automobile. These facts are unavoidable. It can seem overwhelming with insurance payments, cost of fuel, repairs, and maintenance.
However, if you are looking to reduce your automotive expenses, sacrificing regular maintenance is not the way to do it. In fact, skimping on maintenance costs will most likely have the opposite effect. Sure, skipping a scheduled oil change may save you a couple bucks, but when your engine needs to be replaced a few months down the road, you will have saved nothing. Instead, you will be looking at a massive mechanic bill.
Consistent oil changes are critical for your vehicle’s performance and value.

Importance of Oil Changes

Changing your car’s oil on a regular basis is essential for many reasons.
Routine oil changes help:

  • Keep the engine lubricated and running smoothly
  • Prevent overheating by removing heat from engine components to keep it cool
  • Reducing friction in piston ring and creating an enclosed seal between the cylinder liner and the piston
  • Keep the engine clean, old oil becomes dirty from a build up of debris
  • Prevent rusting and corrosion
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Preserve the value of the vehicle

As you can see, clean oil results in lots of positives for your vehicle’s performance. Fresh oil is essential for engine efficiency and preservation.

Oil Changing Experts

Now that it has been established that consistent oil changes are important, next we will explore why leaving oil changes to the experts is a highly recommended practice.
Some reasons to have your oil changed by a professional are:

  • Save time and headaches
  • Get a check up while you get your oil changed
  • Quality service
  • Quality products

Saving Time and Headaches

Changing your own oil can be a very involved and challenging process. First, you need to make sure you have all the right equipment. Then you must have a good place to perform the oil change.
Do you have a hydraulic lift to easily access the undercarriage of your vehicle? Also, you need to make sure you know where the oil pan is located and how to drain it properly.
Another thing you want to avoid, is oil spills all over your driveway or garage.
A professional will change your oil in a quick and efficient manner.

Routine Inspection

When having your oil changed by a professional, you can have a check up done at the same time to see if there are any other issues that need to be addressed.

Quality Service

An expert oil changing technician will have a lot of experience with oil changes, so you can expect the same high-quality service and efficiency every time.

Quality Products

Not all motor oils are the same. In fact, there is a huge variety of oils out there that will do different things for your vehicle.
With a professional, you can discuss what type of oil is right for your car to achieve optimal performance. You will also have a selection of oils to choose from.

Valvoline Express Care Brampton

If you are seeking a reputable and experienced automotive service in the Brampton area, then Valvoline Express Care is an ideal solution.
With over 20 years experience in automotive care, you will be sure to experience top of the line service and products every time.
Valvoline Express Care has a variety of oils on hand, to ensure you get the best oil for your vehicle.

Oil Change: Why Use Synthetic Oil?

Oil Change: Why Use Synthetic Oil?

A lot of car owners don’t think about different types of oil when going for an oil change. But, the truth is, various types of oil do different things for your engine.
One major distinction between oil types is: Regular oil vs. Synthetic oil.

What’s the difference?

The major difference between synthetic and regular oil is the enhanced protection and performance synthetic motor oil provides for your vehicle.
But, the differences don’t stop there. In fact, about the only thing the same about regular oil and synthetic oil, is that they both originate in the ground.
Beyond that, the two substances are vastly different.
Most people don’t think of high quality when they hear the word synthetic. Usually it means fake or low quality. However, this is not true when it comes to oil. When talking about oil, synthetic typically refers to a superior product.
The word synthetic means fabricated or manufactured, which is exactly what synthetic oil is.

How is synthetic oil made?

Manufacturing synthetic oil is a complex and intensive process. Synthetic oil is refined and broken down to a molecular level. Through a distillation process, the impurities in the oil are extracted and the molecules are then customized to meet the specific needs of today’s car engines.
When synthetic oil is tailored to particular engine needs like this, it helps afford a higher level of performance and also better protection for your engine.
Other useful additives are then combined with the oil to produce a synthetic blend.
Synthetic Oil

Benefits of Synthetic Motor Oil

There are plenty of advantages to be gained for your vehicle by using synthetic oil. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reduced engine wear
  • Cleaner engine
  • Better performance in extreme temperatures
  • Protection of engine components
  • Lasts longer

Reduced Engine Wear

The metal parts of your engine are in continual contact with one another. Without oil, the friction created by this contact would destroy your engine very quickly. So, it stands to reason, that higher quality oil would provide added lubrication.
Regular oils break down more quickly, leaving your engine exposed to damaged if not changed promptly when it is time for an oil change.
Synthetic oils provide longer lasting protection against engine wear.

Cleaner Engine

Synthetic oil also helps keep your engine cleaner and running more smoothly. Synthetic oils run at a higher level of efficiently, keeping your engine cleaner and your oil less contaminated with dirt and debris.
Conventional oils become polluted much more quickly, and can eventually start to form sludge if left unchanged for too long.
Synthetic oils begin with fewer impurities that combat debris build up and sludge formation.
A cleaner oil leads to a cleaner engine, which leads to improved fuel economy.

Extreme Temperatures

Synthetic motor oil performs better in very low temperatures, as well as very high temperatures.
Conventional oils do not adapt to polarizing weather conditions in the same way. Conventional oil takes longer to begin flowing through your engine. This is magnified in cold temperatures, meaning you must wait longer for adequate engine protection.
Synthetic oil also performs better in high temperatures. In the summer your engine can get very hot. Synthetic oil provides extra protection against your engine overheating.
Conventional oils will break down and evaporate more quickly in extreme heat.

Protects Engine Components

Synthetic oil provides better protection for your engines working components, like the pistons and other continually moving metal parts.
Cars being manufactured these days tend to have smaller engines to improve fuel economy. This involves adding a specialized turbo charger to increase engine power. These turbo chargers cause the engine to operate at higher temperatures.
Conventional oil is less effective for this type of engine because they break down faster due to high heat, and tend to leave behind deposits and debris.
This does not mean synthetic oil is not compatible with older vehicles, all engines can benefit from synthetic oil.

Lasts Longer

Not only is synthetic oil more effective and efficient, it also lasts longer. This means you will need to change it less frequently without having to worry about engine damage.

Valvoline Express Care Brampton

Valvoline Express Care is a professional automotive service provider in the Brampton area. Valvoline specializes in oil changes and can handle any other type of maintenance you may need for your automobile.
There are a variety of options to choose from when having your oil changed with Valvoline.
You will have a couple different selections of synthetic oils to choose from to keep your vehicle protected and performing at optimal efficiency.

Why Use a Professional Oil Changer?

Why Use a Professional Oil Changer?

Clean oil is essential for the optimal performance of your vehicle. If you think of your car as a person, the oil would represent the lifeblood that pumps though the system, making it operate. If this blood becomes contaminated and decayed, it can cause serious problems for the owner, right?
Well, an automobile is no different. Your car relies on clean and effective oil to keep it running without complication. For this reason, oil changes are an extremely important part of regular vehicle maintenance.
Oil changes should be done every 5,000 kilometers or so. The frequency will depend on the type of vehicle your drive, as well as the driving conditions you are exposed to on a daily basis. Consult the owner’s manual to determine the recommended oil change schedule.
As far as conditions go, if you drive in severe conditions on a regular basis, you should be getting your oil changed more often. Severe conditions can include:

  • A lot of stops and starts in hot weather
  • Short trips in freezing temperatures that do not allow enough time for your car to fully heat up
  • Carrying extra weight – for example, if you are pulling a trailer or have the trunk or the roof loaded up
  • Driving in harsh elements like snow, ice, sleet, salt, dirt or gravel roads
  • Driving at slow speeds for extended periods of time

Once you have established the frequency of oil changes that will be most beneficial to your vehicle, then the next thing to do is decide on the method. The two main options are to either do it yourself, or have it done by a professional oil changer.
Oil Change

Valvoline Express Care Brampton

Valvoline Express Care is a long established automotive service centre in the Brampton area. Specializing in oil changes, with a variety of product options to choose from, Valvoline is an ideal choice for regular oil changes and any other maintenance your vehicle may require.
With a selection of different types of oil to choose from, the expert technicians at Valvoline can help determine the best type of oil for your car.
Consistent oil changes are necessary to keep your engine lubricated, and to prevent deterioration of its components. When the oil gets dirty, it can start to build up with debris. Oil loses its lubricative properties over time as well.
So, to prevent your engine from overheating and possibly even seizing up, you should have routine oil changes done by a professional oil changer.

Why Use a Professional Oil Changer?

There are lots of advantages to be gained from employing the services of a professional, when it comes to changing your oil. Some of these benefits are:

  • Efficiency
  • Competency
  • Quality products
  • Minimal effort required
  • Warranty


Most car owners do want to have to worry about maintenance and things going wrong with their vehicle. However, maintenance is an unavoidable part of car ownership. Especially if you want your car to last a long time while preserving its value.
So, if you want your vehicle maintenance to be as quick and painless as possible, a professional auto service is the way to go.
Changing your oil yourself is an involved task, that takes the proper equipment and knowledge. You could end up spending hours trying to do it yourself, and then end up with subpar results.


Not only will a professional oil changer get the job done quickly, they will also get it done correctly. The automotive technicians at Valvoline have performed so many oil changes, that you can expect the same quality service every time.

Quality Products

Valvoline offers several different options when it comes to the oil you want your vehicle to run on. You can discuss these options with an oil expert to get informed and appropriate advice.
Some of the products you will have to choose from are:

  • Valvoline Premium Convention Motor Oil
  • Valvoline MaxLife Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
  • Valvoline SynPower Full Synthetic Motor Oil
  • Valvoline Full Synthetic with MaxLife Technology

Minimal Effort Required

Having your oil changed by a professional means you have to expend very little effort. You don’t even have to get your hands dirty! All you have to do is make sure to drive your vehicle over to Valvoline safely.


With some vehicles, the warranty states that regular oil changes must be carried out by a professional in order for the warranty to remain valid. Check your warranty for details.

Stop By!

If you are in the market for an oil change, or any other type of vehicular maintenance, stop by Valvoline Express Care Brampton today. No appointment necessary.

Where’s the Best Place for an Oil Change in Brampton?

If you are in search of a fast, affordable, and reliable oil changing service in the Brampton area, Valvoline Express Care is an excellent selection.  The Valvoline Express Care Automotive Centre in Brampton has been providing exceptional automotive service for over 20 years. They offer a wide array of oils and filters to choose from, to ensure you get the right products for your vehicle to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Bring your vehicle in for an oil change and get a check up to make sure your car is operating at peak performance, and that it is safe to drive for you and your passengers.

Oil Change Services Brampton

Valvoline Express Care offers a quick and easy oil change solution, so you don’t have to worry about taking too much time out of your busy schedule. Just show up at the service centre in Brampton, no need to make an appointment in advance. The efficient and effective oil change technicians will have you in and out in no time. You can also discuss with them, the best and type of oil and filter for your vehicle.

Why choose Valvoline Express Care for oil changes?

There are several strong arguments for using the services at Valvoline to preserve the value and enhance the performance of your vehicle.

Some advantages of using Valvoline are:

  • Enhance performance
  • Save money
  • Protect the engine
  • Choose quality products
  • Preserve warranty
  • Convenience
  • Enhance Performance

One of the major reason for having your oil changed consistently, is to keep your car functioning at optimal levels.

Clean oil allows the engine to do its job efficiently and friction-free. Oil gets dirty and ineffectual over time. Eventually unchanged oil will begin to fill up with dirt and debris. If the oil gets too filthy, it can no longer provide proper lubrication, causing friction between the metal components of the engine.

Oil changes can help you save money

This a bonus of consistent oil changes that I’m sure every car owner can get behind. Why spend more money than you need to?

 The only issue with this approach is that it takes some foresight on the part of the owner. Not everyone is willing to invest short term money, in order to save big in the long run.

Regular oil changes will help you avoid large and terrifying mechanic bills when your car breaks down because it wasn’t properly cared for. The cost repairing an engine is no joke. It is best to avoid that situation altogether if possible.

Not only that, clean oil allows for better fuel economy. The engine doesn’t have to work as hard when it is provided with clean oil on a consistent basis.

Oil changes help you protect the engine

Clean oil can help protect your engine from all kinds of problems like:

  • Metal-on-metal friction
  • Build up of dirt and debris
  • Sludge formation
  • Overheating

Contaminated oil can severely damage your engine. Lack of lubrication opens the door to the potential for the engine to overheat, and even seize up entirely. If dirt oil is left unchecked long enough it can start to turn to sludge, massively inhibiting engine performance.

Choose Quality Oil Change Products

The option to choose from a variety of products is incredibly beneficial for your vehicle. All motor oils are quite different from one another, so it is important to choose the one that works best with your vehicle. Valvoline offers various different oils, for different purposes. For example, let’s take a look at Valvoline Max Life Synthetic Blend. This type of oil is more geared towards older vehicles, in particular cars with over 75,000 miles on them.

Max Life Synthetic Blend motor oil focuses on minimizing further engine wear by:

  • Improving engine power
  • Enhancing fuel economy
  • Preventing oil leaks
  • Minimizing total oil consumption
  • This is just one example of the many product choices on offer at Valvoline Express Care.

Oil Changes can help preserve warranty

With a lot of vehicle warranties, the validity hinges on regular oil changes done by an automotive professional.  Check your warranty to see if there are any stipulations outlining required service that are needed to keep the warranty binding.


This may be one of the best perks of using a professional oil change service. Trying to change your oil on your own can be very time consuming, not to mention dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Doing the job incorrectly can result in hefty fees to fix it. It is also not safe to do it yourself without the proper equipment and knowledge.

Oil Change Services Brampton

Oil Change Services Brampton

Oil changes are a regular and critical part of vehicle maintenance. Oil plays an incredibly important role in your car’s performance. Oil keeps your engine running smoothly and efficiently, by lubricating the engine to avoid friction from metal scraping on metal.
All oil has a shelf life, and must be changed on a consistent basis to continue to be effective.

How do you know when it is time for oil change?

There are several tell-tale signs that your vehicle is in need ofan oil change. Here a few examples:

  • Color and texture of oil
  • Engine sound
  • Check engine light
  • Low level
  • Time since your last oil change

Color and Texture

When oil is new and useful, it will be a light honey brown color. The oil will become black and viscous when it begins to deteriorate. Once there is debris and other contaminants floating in the oil, it is time for an oil change, and possibly a filter change as well.

Engine Sound

If your oil is working efficiently, your car’s engine should be purring and fairly quiet. Once the oil gets old and dirty, the engine will become louder and may produce grinding and clunking noises.

Check Engine Light

Most cars will have an oil gauge on the dashboard that will let you know when it is time for a check up. If the engine light coming on, may also indicate an issue with the oil. If any of these lights are illuminated on your dashboard, it is a good idea to take your vehicle in for servicing.
oil change

Low Level

You can use the dipstick to check the oil level yourself to ensure there is an appropriate level in the tank. If levels are low, it is a good indication that the oil is too old and is getting burned up more quickly because it is no longer effective.

Last Oil Change

One of the most reliable methods for knowing when to change your oil is by figuring out the last time it was changed. It is recommended to change your oil every 3,000- 5,000 kilometres. Check your owner’s manual for maintenance schedules.

Frequency Factors

How often you get your oil changed, can be determined by 3 basic factors:

  • Maintenance Schedule in Owner’s Manual
  • Driving conditions
  • Environmental conditions

Maintenance Schedule

The most important factor is following recommendations laid out in the owner’s manual. You don’t want to stray too far from the suggested schedule, as there may be conditions set in the manual that will void the warranty if not followed correctly.

Driving Conditions

The conditions you drive in on a daily basis will also be a factor. If your drive in severe conditions, you should be getting your oil changed more frequently. Severe conditions include:

  • Stop-and-go traffic in high temperatures
  • Short drives in freezing temperatures
  • Driving at slow speeds for long distances
  • Driving on dirt, sand, or gravel roads
  • Dusty, muddy, or salty conditions
  • Towing something behind your car, or strapping something heavy to the roof
  • Frequent stops and starts

Environmental Conditions

The climate you live in will also play a role in determining how often your oil should be changed. Extreme cold, especially if only driving for short distances, can cause moisture to build up in the engine and lead to quicker contamination of the oil. Hot temperatures can also be detrimental, even more so in stop-and-go traffic.