Are you in need of a dependable rust proofing service in the Brampton area? Valvoline Express Care offers a professional rust proofing service that will help protect your vehicle against Canada’s extreme weather conditions.
The rust proof specialists at Valvoline Express Care Brampton are fully trained and experienced to insulate your car from damaging environmental conditions like snow, ice, salt, and other debris.
Valvoline Express Care uses a specialized chemical compound that penetrates the metal components of your vehicle, providing lasting and durable protection.

How Does Rust Form?

Rust is created when water collects on a metal surface and combines with the air. This combination forms an oxide which appears as a crusty surface on your vehicle. Salt, used on roads in the winter time, then accelerates the build up of rust and corrosion when it comes into contact with an infected area.
Nicks and scratches in your car’s paint are high risk areas for rust development. Chips and cracks from tiny rocks and stones on your vehicle’s undercarriage are also prime locations for rust to appear. If rust build up goes unchecked for long enough, the metal components effected may become brittle and start to break off.

Why Rust Proof Your Vehicle?

If you are interested in having your car last for a long time, and preserving its resale value, then rust proofing is highly recommended.
The goal of rust proofing is to keep moisture away from the metal on your vehicle. This helps prevent corrosion and premature wear on your automobile.
Taking necessary precautions to prevent rust build up on your car is a much wiser and more practical approach than trying to remove rust after it has formed. This is true for many reasons. First of all, when rust first begins to form it will likely be in hidden places that you can’t see. By the time you notice it, it will probably have already done irreversible damage. Rust and corrosion continually eat away at metal until it is fully consumed. It is difficult to treat rust corroded metal if it no longer exists.
If you are planning to sell your vehicle at some point, rust proofing is basically a necessity. The first thing people notice is appearance. If your vehicle is covered in rust, you are not likely to get much for it.

Rust Proofing Brampton

Valvoline Express Care Brampton offers rust care services that have been proven effective in protecting vehicles against rusting and corrosion.

Diamond Kote Spray

This service involves the application of a black undercarriage spray. It is designed to defend against rocks and stones that fly up and hit the bottom of your vehicle. The spray forms a barrier to prevent chipping as well as blocking out moisture.
Diamond Kote is a gel-based undercarriage spray that provides a non-drip finish.

The Rust Check Package

This rust proofing package includes an amber undercarriage spray that provides sound proofing and guards against rocks, stones and other debris. It is also a drip-free spray gel that gives your car full rust protection in an environmentally friendly manner.