After the windshield replacement procedure, good maintenance and care will inevitably follow. This can provide long-lasting effects as well as maintain the appearance of your car. Additionally, caring for your new windshield will not compromise your safety in case the parts loosen.

You can consider the following tips to ensure your new windshield is always in good condition after installation. Here they are:

  1.  Do Not Drive Your Car Right After the Replacement Process

Actually, It has been a while since you took your car for a drive. You just got a cracked windshield repaired and can’t wait to take it for a road test. Unfortunately, you have to give your car some time to heal and for the adhesive to dry completely before driving again.

  1. Avoid Slamming the Doors

During installation, professional urethane as an adhesive is used to repair chipped windshields or attach new ones. Slamming the doors can weaken the adhesive seal, which in return causes it to rupture. Therefore, always close the doors lightly on the first few days after repair.

Leave the tape on

The use of retention tape holds the windshield moldings in place and protects the seal from any weather components like dirt and debris. This ensures that the adhesive dries effectively and completely. Thus, it is better to leave the tape in place for at least 24 hours after replacement.

  1. Avoid Taking Your Car to Car Washes

As much as you’d like to get your car cleaned by a professional, it can be extremely risky as most car washes use high-pressure jets and motor pumps. These cleaning methods can weaken the adhesive, especially if it is yet to dry completely. Moreover, if the car wash uses harsh cleaning detergents, it may later destroy silicon-based adhesives and sealants.

However, you can still wash your car at home with mild detergents then sprinkle water in a soft motion.

  1. Open a Window

Air pressure can weaken the adhesive seal, as seen in point 4 above. Therefore, it is best if you roll down a window to at least an inch. Do this on the first day after replacement to ensure the adhesive dries optimally.

  1. Clear Any Item Near the Windshield

Anything that is near your car can interfere with the drying of the adhesive. The item may push against the windshield and touch the wet urethane before it completely dries. Therefore, ensure you don’t use a cover or a sunshade on your car’s exterior and interior parts. Do this up to around 48 hours after the speedy glass replacement.

How to Identify a Poorly Installed Windshield

A poorly done windshield should not be taken lightly as it can cause risks and accidents. Thus, if you want to ensure safety, then consider checking out the following signs in case of a faultily installed windshield:

  • The Windshield Isn’t Flush

Flush means that the windshield fits perfectly into your car’s frame without the need for adjustments. Therefore, make sure your windshield is secured faultlessly after your speedy glass replacement procedure.

  • Uneven Frame Mold

Always examine any bumpy molding around your windshield’s glass frame. This will ensure long-lasting effects as well as prevent possible risks.

  • The Windshield Still Contains Intact Adhesives From Your Old One

If your windshield is properly done, then no adhesives should be left behind after repair.

  • Leaking Edges

A good windshield replacement method should not leak on the edges. Therefore, when getting your car after the repair, make sure you ask the staff to sprinkle water around the edges of the windshield. If the windshield’s interior shows signs of fogging or water leaks inside, then the windshield is poorly done.


Your new windshield is always vulnerable during the first two days after replacement. Therefore, make sure you have patience and commitment before resuming your car’s normal functions. Moreover, consider taking your car to a professional and prevent faulty results.