The lifeblood of your vehicle’s engine is the oil. The easiest way to ensure you avoid engine failure and the cost of repair is to ensure you have enough oil. Many drivers lack the know-how to check the level of oil. If you need the skills, this is the right place for you.

After all, Valvoline Brampton services various vehicles daily with Valvoline Brampton Signature  Oil Change Service.

Bear in mind: We are giving general tips. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations manual for your vehicle type on how to check the oil in the car.

The make and model of your vehicle determine how you check the oil in a car. The new vehicles have digital dashboard monitors and allow drivers to be aware of the oil level. However, if you consider a manual check, below are steps to follow:

  1. Get a paper towel or rag on your hands. Checking oil levels can turn out to be messy.
  2. Park the car on level ground.
  3. Ensure the engine is off and cold to avoid burning yourself. Ensure you confirm with the owner’s manual for your type of vehicle since some manufacturers recommend checking oil levels when the engine is warm.
  4. Locate your oil dipstick by opening the hood. It is marked yellow or orange.
  5. Remove the dipstick from the engine and wipe the oil.
  6. Put the dipstick in its previous position and then pull it again.
  7. Study the dipstick. It can have either of these indications:

– Dual pinholes
– L and H letters (low and high)
– MIN and MAX words
– Cross-Hatching area (the engine oil level is okay if the top of the oil is on the crosshatched area)
– More oil needs to be added if the oil level is low.

What If You Need Oil?

You may discover it’s time to add oil, whether it’s your dipstick reading low or an alert from a digital dashboard monitor. Ensure you use the oil grade recommended by the manufacturer.

In case you are uncertain or can’t find your vehicle’s manual, visit the Valvoline Brampton service center and a technician can give you the information.

Now Let’s Top Up the Oil

To avoid spills, ensure you have a funnel handy.

– Pull out the oil filler cap and add oil. It is on the top of the engine and marked clearly.
– Attentively add oil bit by bit as it can damage your engine by overfilling.
– First, add around half a quart.
– Wait a little bit and check the dipstick.
– In case the level of oil is still beneath, add the remaining ounces.
– Put back the oil filler cap and that’s it!

The oil levels check-up should be done regularly. It should be part of your vehicle care routine and after very filling.

What If DIY Isn’t Your Thing?

Valvoline Brampton has your back if you don’t want to check the oil levels. Take your car to your local Valvoline Brampton shop and you will find a competent technician who will:

– Inspect the oil level
– Point out your options
– Inquire about your conditions of driving and describe the best motor oil depending on your driving routine.
– Assist you to determine if you require to change the oil completely or do a top-off.

Have You Heard Yet?

With every Valvoline Brampton Signature Service Oil Change, you get the appreciative fluid top-off service in between visits for vital fluids. Consider stopping at your nearest Valvoline Oil Change Brampton Signature Service for top-quality services.

What Happens if You Don’t Change Your Oil?

– Corrosion
– Overheating
– Oil leaks
– Accelerated engine wear
– Accumulation of sludge

To ensure you don’t fall into these problems, stick to your schedule for changing oil. Use your owner’s manual to check the recommendations given by the manufacturer of your vehicle’s specific type to see how often you should change the oil.

Valvoline Brampton provides vehicle maintenance services for all makes and models. For specific services, visit or check with your local Valvoline Brampton service center.