A lot of car owners that purchase luxury vehicles tend to think that high-end automobiles don’t need rust proofing services. In fact, many auto manufacturers and car dealers claim that new cars don’t require rust proofing at all.

However, if you are looking for optimal protection for your vehicle, this is simply not true. Yes, some brand new cars may come with the most basic level of rust proofing, but this protection needs to be maintained if it is to continue to be effective.

Luxury Car Rust Proofing Brampton

It seems to me that the more you have invested in your automobile, the more you would want to protect it and preserve that value.

In which case, rust proofing services are essential for luxury vehicles.

The expert technicians at Valvoline Express Car Care in Brampton can help you protect your investment with professional auto rust protection services.

Manufacturer Protection

A substantial number of luxury car manufacturers use galvanised steel on their car bodies to protect against rust and corrosion. Galvanised steel in encased with a layer of zinc to help guard against oxidation. Rust is formed when metal is exposed to water and moisture for extended periods. Zinc helps impede this process. Utilizing zinc was employed by manufacturers because its low cost.

While the use of galvanised steel does help in safeguarding against rust and corrosion, it does not make any vehicle indestructible. For example, rocks and debris from the road may fly up and contact your car while driving leaving scrapes and scratches. These blemishes can expose the metal components, leaving your car vulnerable to rust.

Similarly, if you get into a minor car accident, it can leave some of the areas on your car unprotected, again leaving it open and accessible to rust damage.

The same holds true for your paint job. All it takes is one tiny stone to fly up and chip your paint. One stone can expose the metal under the paint and up as a kickoff point for rust. Rust can spread quickly if left untreated, and it is not a reversible process.

Rust proofing provides an extra layer of protection to provide enhanced safety and peace of mind. Rest easy by safeguarding your vehicle at Valvoline Express Care.

Other Materials

Aside from galvanised steel, luxury car manufacturers are also using aluminum to offer better rust protection. Aluminum is a light-weight and dependable material for vehicle frames, which is also resistant to oxidation.

However, environmental elements and other outside factors can lead to complications.

Cost-Effective Option

The luxury car rust proofing services in Brampton, at Valvoline, really are a cost-effective choice for protecting your vehicle. Investing in rust protection can mean saving big money down the road in repairs and expensive mechanic bills.

Keep your car running at optimal performance by keeping it clean and rust-free.

This especially true in Canada’s extreme weather conditions, that can result in road salt getting stuck in the cracks of your car. Salt accelerates the rust process and needs to be removed as frequently as possible.

Bottom Line

Luxury car manufacturers are mainly focused on using galvanised steel and aluminum to increase rust resistance. While the use of these materials does help, it does not offer absolute protection.

Provide your vehicle with the ultimate protection against rust and corrosion with Valvoline Express Care’s rust proofing services.