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What is
Emission Test?

Emission test is checking the level of hazardous materials that escape from a motor vehicle with a combustion engine.

Certified and Authorized For
Emission Test Brampton

We are a Drive Clean Test station authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Environment and Climate change to inspect your vehicle for it’s emissions.

Our locations are clean, readily accessible, and staffed with professionals.

Why choose Brampton for Emission Test ?

  • Fast and Expedient:
    Our team has been in the automotive industry for many years. We’ve refined our process to make it fast and expedient for the customer – saving you time to do more important things.
  • Earn Points and Discounts on other services:
    We offer you discounts and the ability to earn points when you download our app.

No Appointment Necessary!

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday:  8am to 7PM
Saturday:  8am to 5pm
Sunday:  9am to 4pm.

The Pre-Test Process for Emission Testing Brampton

Before doing a emissions test, our technicians do a visual check.

This visual check is done to ensure that there will be no issues to staff or the testing equipment. This pre-check includes:

  • Searching for missing catalytic converter and gas caps
  • Defects in fuel filler pipe and other emission testing areas
  • On-board computer errors that would prevent the vehicle from being tested
  • Visible smoke from the tailpipe and other key areas of the vehicle
  • Any additional problems that are visible and could affect the test

We then use your On-Board Diagnostic System

Your vehicle will most likely have an on-board computer that monitors the vehicle’s emission system and engine. We then use this information to see your standards.

Tail Pipe Testing

Depending on the make, model and year of your vehicle, it might not have a On-board diagnostic system. We can then perform a tailpipe test, also known as “two-speed idle test.” The goal is to measure carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbon emissions.

Heavy Duty Vehicles Testing

Some older vehicles may have the On-Board system. Otherwise we have other options for the emissions testing.

Valvoline Express Care Brampton emissions testing division can test these vehicles by:

  • conducting a two-speed idle test (for gasoline vehicles)
  • conducting an opacity test (depending if your vehicle is diesel)
  • scanning your OBD computer

Opacity tests for Diesel Fuelled Vehicles

Opacity tests are used for heavy-duty diesel-fuelled vehicles. The purpose of the test is to measure smoke density by inspecting the vehicle’s exhaust.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

Why does Ontario enforce emission testing?

In the effort to curb pollution levels globally emission tests are conducted to contain the situation. The type of test and the cycles they are done are determined by the international and national laws. There are certain parameters that make up the test cycle for instance load, speed and operating temperature.

Not all vehicle and engine manufacturers are genuine. There are those who are known to meddle around with the engine management systems so that they vehicles are able to “ pass” the emissions test. Then of course the vehicles can continue with their pollution rampage. It is is because of this and other unethical habits that these tests are conducted to ensure the health safety of the public.

When should I get my car’s emission tested?

At emissions testing Brampton, we advise our clients to have a check at least once in a year or in two years. You should not ignore this especially if your car is more than 7 years old. You should also go for this test if you are planning to sell your car to someone else who is not a member of your family plus the car is an older model.

More facts about emissions

First and foremost it should be known that so long as there are cars running on gasoline there will be emissions. There are different types of vehicle emissions namely exhaust emissions;


  • Exhaust emissions: these are responsible for the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. These engine operation by products produce greenhouse gases.
  • Evaporative emissions: these VOCs are released when the car is in motion or at night when the car is stationary.
  • The pollutants that leave the car through the exhaust end up in the soil and even water. Environmental studies show that cars are responsible for more than 50% of air pollution.

What about emission testing for electric vehicles

These are an alternative since they contribute to the decrease in use of fossil fuels but still power plants emit gas pollutants while producing electric car batteries.

Am I exempted from an emissions test

Well it all depends on type of vehicle you have. The following vehicles are exempted from emissions test;

  • most-hybrid electric vehicles
  • light-duty vehicles with a model year before 1988
  • vehicles that are plated “Historic” under the Highway Traffic Act
  • light-duty commercial farm plated vehicles
  • kit cars
  • motorcycles

Pre test check

You should not fail an emissions test hence the need for a test prior to the main thing. Any errors identified here should be corrected as soon as possible. The errors are:

  • Smoke seen coming from the tail pipe
  • Problems with the onboard computer
  • Fuel filler pipe defects
  • Gas cap or catalytic converter missing
  • Any other issue highlighted by emission testing Brampton professional

The vehicle cannot be tested until everything is in order. All in all going for an emissions test is your duty as a good driver who cares for the environment and the people around them. At emissions testing Brampton station we would love to share the same values with you; a clean environment for you.

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