Regular automotive maintenance is suggested all year round, but there are certain areas to focus on before each season to optimize the payoffs. In this article, we are going to take a look at some helpful ways to prepare for the summer season.
Summer Car Care
Summer is a great time to get out for a road trip, so it is good idea to make sure your vehicle is safe for the road before heading out. Getting your vehicle fully inspected by an automotive professional may help put your mind at ease.
Depending on what kind of upkeep your vehicle saw in the spring, it may be time to do general maintenance on your car by taking it in for an overall tune-up. After being exposed to Canada’s long and harsh winters, your vehicle will likely have experienced some wear and tear.
The summer can be just as tough on a vehicle, especially if you are going on long trips in the intense heat of the sun.
Here are some areas to focus on, to help keep your car from breaking down out on the road.
• Oil
• Coolants and fluids
• Filters
• Air conditioner
• Wiper blades
• Tires
• Brakes
Getting your oil changed is something you don’t want to avoid before going on an extended trip. Long drives, plus hot weather, can equal your engine overheating. If your oil is dirty, the engine has to work that much harder and can result in a breakdown. An oil change will keep the engine running smoothly and maximize fuel economy.
Coolants and Fluids
Check all fluid levels to ensure they are were they should be. The coolants are extremely important to prevent overheating. Make sure there are no leaks or premature drainage.
Filters should also be checked before hitting the road. Check the Air Filter as well as the Cabin Air Filter. A dirty or clogged air filter decreases fuel efficiency, and has trouble blocking contaminants from getting into the engine. The cabin air filter helps keep the air inside the car clean, to prevent you and your passengers from breathing in harmful substances that cause respiratory problems. Have your filters changed regularly.
Air Conditioner
Get your air conditioning system checked to make sure there is an appropriate level of refrigerant or Freon, and that there are no leaks. Having the air conditioning looked at before the summer will allow for a cool and relaxed ride.
Wiper Blades
Windshield wiper blades should be replaced every six months or so, as they usually develop cracks and start to wear from extreme temperature and weather shifts. Faulty blades can impair vision when driving, reducing safety.
Changes in temperature can also result in changes in tire pressure. All four tires need to be at the same pressure level to prevent uneven wear and maintain fuel economy.
If your brakes are emitting strange squealing sounds or are slow to respond, it may that your brake pads are worn. Having your brakes serviced increases safety for your passengers, and prevents hefty mechanic bills down the road.
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Summer Car Care Service
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