How Tire Rotation Protects Your Investment

How Tire Rotation Protects Your Investment

In today’s day and age, there are many things you should be doing to keep your ride in good working order. This includes having an experienced technician rotate your tires at Valvoline Express Care Brampton every 6 months. Although many drivers seem to concentrate on their vehicle’s engine, there are countless reasons why you cannot afford to skip your regular tire rotation service Brampton.

Tire rotation service Brampton: enjoy 6 amazing benefits of rotating your tires correctly.


Better vehicle control

Tire rotation service Brampton will correct the balance of tires to help maintain a consistent performance from your car. No matter which tires do most of the handling on your vehicle, fresh thread makes it easier for you to stop on icy roads and grip in the snow. This makes for a safer driving experience for you and your family – especially during the winter months.

Keep automotive costs down

Failing to maintain your car can affect its mechanical integrity and lead to an accident with costs to repair the damage. Invest in tire rotation service Brampton today. This is the best way to avoid unwanted, expensive repairs in the long term.

Extend lifespan of your tires

By changing the tires often performed by moving the front tires to the back of the vehicle, (and vice versa) any pattern wear can be avoided. Tires that don’t get rotated may cause possible unwanted problems on the road; such as uneven driving, wobbling and even blowouts. At tire rotation service Brampton, we help to extend the life of your current tires as much as possible.

Increase gas mileage

Something simple as tire rotation service Brampton can decrease the amount of gas it takes for your vehicle to move. When tire wear is spread evenly, it helps to keep tire friction at its lowest level. This low friction increases traction and stability. All of these things help the engine to run more smoothly and efficiency, with less gas used. This makes for fewer stops at the gas station for you, and more money in your wallet.

Save money

The small fee for tire rotation service Brampton is a lot better compared to costs of potential breakdowns in the long run. After all, who wants to spend the money to replace a set of tires when all it takes is a little maintenance?

Identify alignment issues

While uneven wear is normal in every vehicle, certain types of wear indicate issues with your vehicle. For example: alignment that is thrown off by uneven tires may pull to one side or another making the handling of your vehicle more difficult. By getting your car over to tire rotation service Brampton, we can help you spot these problems.

Stop by tire rotation service Brampton

Now’s the time to rotate your tires (this couldn’t be overstated enough). The return of the classic Canadian winter offers the perfect opportunity to give your wheels and tires a once-over. If not, the safety and fuel economy benefits of keeping your car in tip top shape are good motivation.

Brake repair Brampton: Do you need to change your brake fluid?

Brake repair Brampton: Do you need to change your brake fluid?

Is the fluid in your brake master cylinder reservoir too low? Did you know that moisture makes brake fluid deteriorate and cause your brakes not to work at all?
There are many reasons why your car or truck may be pulling to one side as you drive. If it’s because of a brake fluid leak, that would mean the remaining fluid is contaminated. This is a problem that shouldn’t go ignored. If you’re not changing brake fluid when recommended, you risk brake failure due to contamination, which leads to deterioration. If you can’t do the complete brake fluid flush yourself, you can do the next best thing – a fluid swap at Valvoline Express Care Brampton.
Brakes repair Brampton: do I need to change my brake fluid?
Good question. It all starts when the driver press on the brake pedal. If your brakes are hard to push, you have a problem. This means the brake fluid creates pressure which act against the rotors, bringing them in contact with the wheels. In doing so, it makes the car slow down and stop completely. As you well know, stopping a car produces a large amount of friction, so brake fluid delivers lubrication to all of the braking components as well. Because it works at high temperatures, your brake fluid will pick up contaminates (moisture, air and sludge) that reduce braking efficiency overtime. If there is not enough fluid in the system, then this will not happen.
You’re in safe hands with brakes repair Brampton. Our automotive specialists are here to reassure you that flushing the brake fluid out and bleeding the system so no air is locked is a pretty easy job. And one that can be done as part of your regular maintenance on your car.
Brakes repair Brampton – our recommendation
At brakes repair Brampton, we understand that if you don’t know anything about brake fluid, it can be a little bit intimidating. All you need to do is check your vehicles owner’s handbook. That being said, always use a fluid recommended that is listed (do not use silicone based brake fluids if your car needs regular brake fluid) in the owners’ manual.
Get your brakes flushed every 2 years at brakes repair Brampton
This includes a visual inspection of your brake fluid and a complete overview of the whole vehicle. Our technicians will remove the existing fluid, reduce moisture, and replace it with new, clean fluid. Better yet, we ensure brakes are at correct level and protect the brake fluid system from moisture and other debris.
Like all brake fluid, it needs to be clear or translucent. If the fluid is black or has a burnt smell, the vehicle may have internal damage. If you are experiencing issues with your brakes, come by brakes repair Brampton. We will be happy to assist you on your vehicle’s specific needs.
Be proactive with brakes repair Brampton                           
As your car’s most important safety feature, your brake system should never be neglected. A spongy or dropping brake pedal is a sure sign of a problem in the hydraulic system. The worst case scenario? If your brakes don’t work, it can reduce your ability to stop on the road (possibly leading to an accident).
Don’t let low brake fluid problems grow into something much bigger, and more serious. Replacing your brake fluid at brakes repair Brampton is the best way to keep your vehicle running great so you can remain safe while driving.