Never neglect the rust on edges, go for Rust Proofing

Never neglect the rust on edges, go for Rust Proofing

Road salt, humidity and other airborne pollutants can have a damaging effect on your vehicle during the colder months of the year. Plus, the sun’s powerful ultra violet rays and natural environment is extremely hard on a vehicle’s finish. Left untreated, it can eventually make your vehicle unsafe to drive. Because of that, rust proofing is a great way to protect your car from Canada’s harsh driving conditions. Valvoline Express Care Brampton will help catch this reddish brown coating early; and treat it, so you can avoid serious mechanical problems that cut your vehicle’s life short.

Rust proofing Brampton: what is rust and why is it such a problem?

Rust build-up is the result of a natural process where the iron in metals comes into contact with oxygen and water, causing it to corrode and deteriorate.
The thing about rust? It spreads quickly. Finding a spot of rust on the surface of your vehicle is no reason to panic. On the other hand, if your car is left outside all year long or you neglect to keep it clean, you are likely to have a bigger problem (rust spots that are larger than 12 inches in diameter require major repairs). When deep rusts sets in, it eats away at the undercarriage and cause components to break or fall off while you’re driving. This damage, which occurs through normal use, can be avoided. As soon as you notice even a small bubble, come by rust proofing Brampton. When you deal with rust early, it can save you no end of time and money in the long run.

Is your car showing signs of rust around edges? Better yet, do you want to prevent it from starting?

It is often much easier to prevent rust than to get rid of it. At rust proofing Brampton, our automotive specialists will inspect your paint’s finish for bubbles, scratches or dents. We will immediately remove rust spots before they progress and have the chance to spread.
You can be confident knowing we use a specially formulated compound coating that’s sprayed onto the undercarriage, providing a protective barrier to your vehicles most vulnerable areas. It starts working right away, and it’s recommended you do this rust check annually to help prolong the life of your vehicle (and to maintain your warranty).
Top 5 reasons to choose rust proofing Brampton

    • Higher resale value: rust-free vehicles sell quicker, for more money.
    • Longer lifecycle: by properly protecting the undercarriage, body panels and mechanical parts your vehicle will last longer.
    • Reduce repair costs: if left untreated, rust can spread to brake lines and cables, even your vehicles electrical system.
    • Safer vehicle: over time corrosion will compromise the structural integrity of your car.
    • Best rust proofing application: Diamond Kote provides complete protection for your vehicle, it’s components, and key metal parts.

Don’t let UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings and tree sap dull and fade the paint, and ruin the look of your vehicle over time! It’s never too late to start rustproofing your car, and remember: it’s what you can’t see that should concern you.
Protect your investment with rust proofing Brampton
Instead of leaving your vehicle vulnerable to damage this year, bring your car to rust proofing Brampton. Whether it’s your vintage or classic car, or simply a new investment – we will protect it for years to come. Our superior rust proofing treatment keep your vehicle looking and performing its best.

Rust Check Compared to Other Rust Proofing

Rust Check Compared to Other Rust Proofing

Rust Check is a type of rust proofing that can be used to maintain and protect your vehicle. It is a light-weight spray that is applied to the body, inside sections and panels of your car. Established way back in 1973, the Rust Check method has been proven to be a successful and effective approach to preventing and managing rust and corrosion.
One of the greatest advantages of the Rust Check method is that is permeates all the hidden cracks, joints, and folds that are difficult to reach inside your vehicle. These are the places where rust and corrosion typically begin to form and develop in unprotected automobiles. Rust Check rust proofing products have the necessary airy consistency to travel far and wide into all your car’s defenseless areas that are susceptible and open to a rust attack. The Rust Check product also contains specialized active additives that help safeguard against the formation of rust.

How does Rust Check work?

Rust Check operates by protecting all the metal components of your vehicle by repelling and removing moisture. Rust is originally formed when any water or moisture come into contact with oxygen and metal for an extended period of time. Rust Check uses corrosion inhibitors to form a secure, protective layer on all the metal surfaces of your car. Although this layer is invisible to the naked eye, you can picture it as a defensive tarp adhered to the surface, to prevent contact from water molecules. Rust and corrosion are incapable of developing without direst contact from moisture.

Other Types of Rust Proofing

Rust Check is one type of rust proofing that is effective for protecting your entire vehicle against rust. Some other types of rust proofing services include:

  • Sealants and coatings
  • Tar-based undercarriage spray
  • Oil sprays
  • Electronic

Sealants and Coatings

Sealants and coatings are often referred to as undercoating services to your vehicle. This service typically consists of a tar, wax, or oil based sealant being applied to the undercarriage of your car. With this service, basically all of the focus is on the underside of the vehicle, with little concern for the upper body.
The problem with this approach is that rust can form on any metal surface in your car, not just underneath. Especially since cars are becoming more and more streamlined for improved gas mileage. To achieve this enhanced fuel economy, cars are now being designed with lighter, sleeker metal in the upper body. This thinner metal is more susceptible to rust and corrosion, and should certainly be protected.
Another issue with applying sealants and coatings is that because they are so thick, they are not able to get into those hard to reach places where rust generally begins to develop. Plus, these coatings are also vulnerable to cracking. This leaves open areas exposed, for moisture to get in and form rust, which can actually end up expediting the rusting process.

Tar-based Spray

This type of rust proofing is also applied to the underside of your vehicle. Because this spray is tar-based, it provides a thick coating. It should only be applied to fairly new vehicles that are free of rust.

Oil Sprays

Oil Sprays

There are a couple different types of oil sprays available for rust proofing. Typically, they are available in:

  • Drip oil spray
  • Dripless oil spray

Both are oil-based sprays obviously, the difference being that the dripless spray is more viscous and more difficult to get into cracks. The drip spray is more versatile, but may leave a mess on your driveway.

Electronic Rust Protection

This approach uses electronic pulses to interrupt the charge between metal and oxygen to prevent rust.

Valvoline Express Care Brampton

At Valvoline Express Care in Brampton you can expect to receive the best rust check treatments available.
The rust proofing technicians can help protect your vehicle from harsh environmental elements.

Why Should You Have Your Car Rust Checked Regularly?

Why Should You Have Your Car Rust Checked Regularly?

Having your car rust checked by a professional, on a consistent basis, is necessary for regular vehicular maintenance. Now, when I say rust checking is necessary, that is mainly if you like your car and you want it to last a long time. Also, if you would like to get some money back for your vehicle when it comes time to sell it, professional rust checks can be hugely beneficial.
This is especially true if you live in Canada, with its extreme weather conditions. Reduce your vehicle’s vulnerability to snow, ice, salt, and intense sun through regular rust checks.
Unprotected autos will be left exposed to the harsh road conditions of Canadian winters. If your car has not been rust checked, it opens the potential for salt and moisture to get stuck in the crevasses of the metal on your vehicle.
This invasive salt and moisture will then sit in the nooks and crannies until the weather starts to warm up again. This heat then acts like a trigger, inciting the hidden salt to begin corroding and rusting the metal on your vehicle.
Rust and corrosion is not a reversible process. Once rust has eaten away the metal on your car, it is gone for good.
That is why preventative measures, in the form of scheduled rust checks, is so important.

Valvoline Express Care Brampton

Valvoline Express Care, located in Brampton, is a professional automotive service center that can handle all your maintenance needs.
The rust check specialists at Valvoline Express Care are dedicated to the safety and protection of your vehicle. Using top of the line equipment and products, these specialists will ensure long-lasting from rust and corrosion.
Most vehicles are made up of primarily metal components. This provides an ideal opportunity for rust to develop and flourish. Any chip or scratch in the paint, or the undercarriage of your car, invites the possibility for rust to establish itself.
Rust Check services will be tailored to your specific vehicle, as all vehicle designs and contours are different.

Rust Check Services

The rust check services at Valvoline Express Care involves a two-step application technique:

  1. Rust Check
  2. Rust Check Coat and Protection

Step 1 – Rust Check

Every vehicle has various joints, hinges, seams, cracks, and creases. These are all ideal spots for rust to hide.
This first step involves dispensing a delicate, oil-based liquid that is designed to get into all these hidden crevasses, providing protection for these hard to reach spots in your car.

Step 2 – Rust Check Coat and Protection

This second step focuses on the undercarriage of your vehicle. This stage provides protection for all the exposed and potentially vulnerable areas underneath your vehicle.
A protective coat is applied to the undercarriage of your automobile, to lubricate and safeguard it against chips, cracks, and blemishes.
car rust

Benefits of Rust Check Regular Maintenance

There numerous advantages to be enjoyed from a regular rust check schedule. Some examples of these benefits are:

  • Extends vehicle life
  • Moisture protection
  • Lubrication to prevent seizure
  • Scratch and chip protection
  • Preserves value

Vehicle Life

Prolong the life of your car or truck regular rust checks. It helps protects the metal components of your vehicle from rust and corrosion, while preventing the electrical components from seizing up on you.
Keeping all the parts of your vehicle in good working order is one of the best way to ensure it has a long and prosperous existence.

Moisture Protection

Rust is formed when metal is exposed to moisture and oxygen for extended periods of time. Rust checks help prevent this from happening.
The rust check formula that is distributed into the hard to reach places in your car, actually bonds to the metal to keep moisture out of these problematic areas.
Rust check serves to repel any water that comes into contact with your vehicle, during any season.


Rust checking provides lubrication for the electrical components in your car, to help prevent them from seizing or malfunctioning. For example, it can stop door locks and power windows from jamming or freezing.
It is also lubricating for the various nuts and bolts found throughout your vehicle, preventing them from stripping or locking.
The lubrication afforded by rust checks also help eliminate any creaking, shaking, or squeaking from hinges or cables.
Basically, it tightens up the components of your vehicle, optimizing performance.

Preserves Value

All of these benefits add up to the preserved value of your vehicle. Keep it looking great and running smoothly, with regular rust checks.

Autumn Rust Protection

Autumn Rust Protection

Owning a vehicle is a considerable expense. From the moment you put a down payment on a car, you will continue to put money into that vehicle until the day you sell it. However, you can control the amount of money you need to put into to your car with regular automotive maintenance.
Autumn is a perfect time to have your vehicle serviced. Canadian winters can be very tough on a car, so you should be taking proper steps to adequately prepare it for the harsh winter season. In fact, it is the extreme opposites the Canadian climate features that can cause serious wear on your automobile.
Form the freezing, snow, and ice of winter, to the hot, baking sun and UV rays of summer, your vehicle needs protection if your want it to last. With each extra year you are keeping your vehicle on the road, you are saving thousands of dollars in expenses that you would be paying if you had to buy a new car.
Due to these polar opposites in weather conditions from summer to winter, it is an ideal practice to have your vehicle serviced twice a year. Once in the fall to prepare for the horrors of winter driving, and once in the spring to wipe away the winter elements and get ready for summer road trips.
rust protection
An excellent way to help get your car ready for winter is having rust protection done by a professional rust proofing service.
Valvoline Express Care Brampton
If you live in the Brampton area and are looking to have your vehicle serviced before the upcoming winter season, Valvoline Express Care is a perfect solution.
Valvoline Express Care offers a well-trained staff of automotive technicians that can take care of basically any type of car maintenance you are looking to have done. With over 20 years experience in automotive care, you can count on exceptional and efficient service every time.
Rust Proofing services are offered by a team of rust proofing specialists. Only the best products and most effective methods will be used to treat your vehicle, protecting it from rust and corrosion. A specialized chemical compound is used that will provide long lasting protection for all the components of your vehicle.
Why have rust proofing done to your vehicle?
Rust proofing is good for your car for a number of reasons. It is an excellent preventative measure to protect your vehicle. By taking the initiative to safeguard your vehicle before a problem even starts, can save you huge money down the road. It can help you avoid sizeable mechanic bills and purchasing a new vehicle before it is necessary.
The majority of your vehicle is most likely made of metal. When these metal parts of your car are exposed to air and moisture for extended periods of time, rust will begin to form. In the Canadian winter, your vehicle will be constantly exposed to these conditions. Throw in the road salt you will driving over every day, and you have a recipe for disaster.
Rust proofing will help protect the metal elements of your vehicle from these severe conditions. The reason you should be rust proofing your car regularly is that once rust have formed, it is very difficult to reverse the process. The nature of rust is to eat away at the metal until there is nothing left. So, logically, once rust has disintegrated some of the metal components on your vehicle, there is no getting that disappeared metal back.
Professional Rust Proofing Services
Sure, it is possible to rust proof your vehicle on your own, DIY style, but unless you are an expert it will likely be extremely time consuming with less impressive results than if you had it done by a professional. If it is cost you are worried about, it probably won’t be that much more expensive than a DIY job, once you factor in the cost of products and other expenses. Also, do you have access to a car lift, so you properly get at the bottom of your vehicle?
Some strong advantages of using a professional rust proofing service are:
• Comprehensive protection
• Money saver
• Skill
• Warranty
Employing the services of a rust proofing professional ensures that will get optimal protection. A trained and experienced rust proofing specialist assures comprehensive protection.
Money Saver
Rust Proofing is an investment. Professional rust proofing will save you money in the long run, and will give longevity to your car.
The rust proofing specialists at Valvoline Express Care Brampton have years of experience behind them to assure quality and efficiency.
Some warranties may stipulate that rust proofing must be done by a professional, in order for that warranty to remain valid.