Never neglect the rust on edges, go for Rust Proofing

Never neglect the rust on edges, go for Rust Proofing

Road salt, humidity and other airborne pollutants can have a damaging effect on your vehicle during the colder months of the year. Plus, the sun’s powerful ultra violet rays and natural environment is extremely hard on a vehicle’s finish. Left untreated, it can eventually make your vehicle unsafe to drive. Because of that, rust proofing is a great way to protect your car from Canada’s harsh driving conditions. Valvoline Express Care Brampton will help catch this reddish brown coating early; and treat it, so you can avoid serious mechanical problems that cut your vehicle’s life short.

Rust proofing Brampton: what is rust and why is it such a problem?

Rust build-up is the result of a natural process where the iron in metals comes into contact with oxygen and water, causing it to corrode and deteriorate.
The thing about rust? It spreads quickly. Finding a spot of rust on the surface of your vehicle is no reason to panic. On the other hand, if your car is left outside all year long or you neglect to keep it clean, you are likely to have a bigger problem (rust spots that are larger than 12 inches in diameter require major repairs). When deep rusts sets in, it eats away at the undercarriage and cause components to break or fall off while you’re driving. This damage, which occurs through normal use, can be avoided. As soon as you notice even a small bubble, come by rust proofing Brampton. When you deal with rust early, it can save you no end of time and money in the long run.

Is your car showing signs of rust around edges? Better yet, do you want to prevent it from starting?

It is often much easier to prevent rust than to get rid of it. At rust proofing Brampton, our automotive specialists will inspect your paint’s finish for bubbles, scratches or dents. We will immediately remove rust spots before they progress and have the chance to spread.
You can be confident knowing we use a specially formulated compound coating that’s sprayed onto the undercarriage, providing a protective barrier to your vehicles most vulnerable areas. It starts working right away, and it’s recommended you do this rust check annually to help prolong the life of your vehicle (and to maintain your warranty).
Top 5 reasons to choose rust proofing Brampton

    • Higher resale value: rust-free vehicles sell quicker, for more money.
    • Longer lifecycle: by properly protecting the undercarriage, body panels and mechanical parts your vehicle will last longer.
    • Reduce repair costs: if left untreated, rust can spread to brake lines and cables, even your vehicles electrical system.
    • Safer vehicle: over time corrosion will compromise the structural integrity of your car.
    • Best rust proofing application: Diamond Kote provides complete protection for your vehicle, it’s components, and key metal parts.

Don’t let UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings and tree sap dull and fade the paint, and ruin the look of your vehicle over time! It’s never too late to start rustproofing your car, and remember: it’s what you can’t see that should concern you.
Protect your investment with rust proofing Brampton
Instead of leaving your vehicle vulnerable to damage this year, bring your car to rust proofing Brampton. Whether it’s your vintage or classic car, or simply a new investment – we will protect it for years to come. Our superior rust proofing treatment keep your vehicle looking and performing its best.

Protect your Investment with Rust Proofing

Purchasing a vehicle is a substantial investment. Especially if you are buying new, you want to do everything you can to help your automobile maintain its value.
Rust proofing is an excellent way to help preserve the value of your investment. Rust and corrosion can eat away at the foundation of your vehicle, if not properly cared for.
Rust and corrosion is a very serious concern for vehicle owners in Canada, the land of extreme weather conditions. Due to this wildly swinging fluctuation in temperature, as well as road conditions, your car is at a greater risk for rust damage.
However, help and protection is available.

Valvoline Express Care Brampton

A terrific resource for rust protection services can found at the Valvoline Express Care automotive centre in Brampton.
For over 20 years, the expert technicians at Valvoline Express Care have been providing effective and efficient rust proofing services.
A two-step Rust Check application process is employed to reduce and eradicate the harmful effects of rust and corrosion. Each Rust Check package is tailored to the specific design and requirements of your vehicle.
It is a comprehensive process that focuses on protecting all the metal components of your automobile, from the undercarriage, to the wheel wells, to the paint job.
Only the best and most advanced products and techniques will be used. A specialized chemical compound is used to provide lasting protection.

How Does Rust Proofing Help Protect your Vehicle?

Rust proofing helps protect your car from the elements and environmental hazards you encounter on a daily basis.
Here are some of the advantages of undergoing regular rust proofing services:

  • Prevention and protection from chips and scratches
  • Repelling water
  • Sealant protection
  • Keep it consistent
  • Protect your investment

Chips and Scratches

Damage to your vehicle caused by chips and scratches can be difficult to avoid. Errant stones, pebbles, and other debris are constantly flying up off the road at your car. These stones can result in the chipping of paint, and scratches on the undercarriage of your vehicle.
Not only are blemishes unsightly, these chips and scratches are breeding grounds for rust and corrosion. Prevent these calamities before they happen with rust proofing.

Repelling Water

For rusting and corrosion to take place, it needs 3 basic ingredients:

  • Metal
  • Oxygen
  • Water

Rust proofing helps remove this third element from the equation. By repelling water, oil-based rust proofing helps prevent rust before it has a chance to get started.

Sealant Protection

Rust proofing applies a layer of sealant to your vehicle that helps safeguard it against potential damage that could easily result in rust.
Before having a sealant applied, it is important to make sure your vehicle is virtually rust free. Otherwise, you are just sealing the already initiated rust in, possibly accelerating the process.
The experts at Valvoline Express Care will ensure your vehicle is completely ready, before applying rust proofing services.

Keep it Consistent

Once you have had an effective rust coating applied to your vehicle, it is essential to continue to have rust proofing done on a regular basis to ensure ongoing protection.
Annual rust proofing is highly recommended. If you are extra diligent in your automotive maintenance, you could have your car rust proofed every 6 months. Once before winter, and once after.

Protect Your Investment

Failing to rust proof your vehicle could result in a number of complications. Not only can rust affect the car’s exterior, but also the brake lines and electrical system if left untreated.
Preserve the value of your vehicle with consistent rust proofing.

Rust Proofing your Car Can Save Money and the Environment

Rust Proofing your Car Can Save Money and the Environment

You’ve probably heard that rust proofing your vehicle is a good way to protect it from the elements. This is very true. However, rust proofing can provide other advantages to car owners and society in general.
First of all, let’s take a look at what rust proofing is and why it is helpful.

What is rust proofing?

Rust proofing is a service performed on your vehicle that helps prevent the rusting and corrosion of its metal parts. Rust is formed when a metal component on your car is exposed to oxygen and moisture for an extended period of time.

Why have your automobile rust proofed?

There are many strong arguments for having your car rust proofed on a regular basis. Every car should have rust proofing services performed for protection and safety.
Salt is an excellent conductor of the rusting process, so when salt is introduced into the mix, the whole process is accelerated. That is why it is very important to have rust proofing services carried out on your vehicle before the winter. A vehicle without rust proofing, heading into a Canadian winter, is much more exposed to rust causing agents, and is at a higher risk of corrosion.
But it’s not just the winter that can cause a car to rust. It is the extreme swings in temperature and conditions that cause the real issue. Canadian weather is all about extremes. That is why it is a good practice to rust proof your vehicle twice a year. Once before the winter and once after.
This is recommended because salt can hide away in the cracks and crevasses of your car until the warm weather hits. That’s when rust and corrosion begin to activate. Having your car thoroughly cleaned and rust proofed before winter, and then again after, has you covered on all sides.
But, rust proofing is not just to protect and optimize performance of your vehicle, it can also be useful in other ways.

Benefits of Rust Proofing You May Not Think Of

Aside from the obvious advantages, regular rust proofing can also be beneficial in other forms, such as:

  • Providing safety
  • Saving Money
  • Protecting the environment


Consistent rust proofing services can help contribute to the safety of you and your passengers. If your vehicle has never had any rust proofing done to it, it is at a higher much higher risk of corrosion in just a short time of ownership. After just a few years, even a brand-new vehicle can begin to rust without proper care.
The effects of cold, harsh winters filled with snow, ice, and salt, as well as the relentless, baking sun of hot, humid summers, can combine to cause serious damage to your auto.
Rust typically begins to show up in the weaker spots of the metal components like spot welds, cracks, chips, and creases. If left untreated, the rust will spread, destroying any metal it comes across.
This can compromise the structural integrity of your entire vehicle, making it unsafe to drive. Rust can also get into the mechanical parts of your car like the electrical system, brake lines, and the gas tank. This can lead to vehicle failure, and may end up leaving you on the side of the road in the dead of winter.
Save Money

Saving Money

The fewer cars you have to buy, the more money you save. This should come as no surprise, considering how much a car depreciates in value after just a few years.
So, imagine the money you would save if you could keep your vehicle twice as long?
That would be the difference between buying 1 car instead of 2, in the same period of time. I’m sure you can see the massive potential for savings there.
This approach is completely feasible. All it takes is a diligent approach to regularly scheduled maintenance.

Protecting the Environment

This is one benefit of rust proofing that most car owners fail to consider. If a vehicle is not properly cared for, it has a much shorter life span. Plus, if the metal parts of that vehicle are all rusted out, they are not recyclable. This means they go to a landfill with all the other poorly maintained vehicles.
Billions of dollars are spent per year dealing with this unnecessary waste.
Regular rust proofing means you keep a car much longer, and the parts are not all useless and corroded after you are done with it.

Valvoline Express Care Brampton

If you are looking for professional rust proofing service in the Brampton area, Valvoline Express Care is a perfect solution.
The rust proofing technicians at Valvoline ensure a top-quality job every time, protecting your vehicle against the severe elements.