Engine breakdowns are the root cause of many engine problems. These are often caused by hot temperatures, contaminants in the engine, and other factors that can cause the engine to wear out. Fortunately, synthetic motor oil for vehicle oil change has been designed to combat these engine breakdowns. The synthetic oils are formulated with highly refined base oils and additives that work together to improve engine performance and prevent breakdowns.

Contaminants and Engine Breakdown

When the engine runs, it accumulates particles such as dirt, sludge, and dust that can contaminate the motor oil. These contaminants along with general engine wear can lead to oil breakdowns. Engine breakdowns occur when the oil becomes contaminated, and its viscosity increases, making it less effective and limiting its ability to flow freely.

The Effects of Extreme Heat on Motor Oil

In hot weather, engine temperatures rise with increased horsepower. This heat leads to oil oxidation, thickening the oil and restricting its flow. This is where the synthetic oil’s additives come into play, they address extreme pressure and viscosity index. Synthetics contain additives that prevent sludge and dirt buildup by improving the oil’s capacity to handle heat and pressure.

Additionally, conventional oils contain impure, irregular molecules that evaporate at high temperatures, leaving heavier molecules that contribute to oil breakdown. This is why synthetic oils are preferred in high-performance cars as they remain consistent in viscosity regardless of temperature conditions.

The Impact of Extreme Cold on Motor Oil

Extreme cold temperatures can cause motor oil to thicken as well. Conventional oils contain a wax component known as paraffins that causes the oil to thicken in freezing conditions. This thickened oil takes longer to warm up, leaving the engine unprotected during the crucial initial minutes after starting.

However, synthetic oils lack the waxy materials found in conventional oils which results in increased lubrication and engine protection, especially in low temperatures. The refined base oils in synthetic motor oil possess specific properties that control the physical aspects of the oil, including viscosity. This is why synthetic oils are a preferred option for car owners who live in regions with extremely cold temperatures as synthetic oils do not become thick when exposed to cold environments.

Synthetic Motor Oil: The Solution for Preventing Breakdowns

Synthetic motor oil stands out as a premium option with oil change Brampton because it offers enhanced engine care. The key lies in its formulation, which consists of highly refined base oils (about 80%) and additives (about 20%). While synthetic oils may not be the cheapest option, they offer better engine performance that translates into fewer repairs and breakdowns as the car ages.

The refined base oils in synthetic motor oil possess specific properties that control the physical aspects of the oil. Synthetic oils lack the impurities found in conventional oils, allowing for increased lubrication and engine protection in extreme temperatures. They also have fewer impurities that can lead to deposits or sludge in the engine.

In high temperatures, synthetic oils contain additives like antioxidants, cleansers, dispersants, rust/corrosion inhibitors, and elements to address extreme pressure and viscosity index. These additives, notably antioxidants, prevent sludge and dirt buildup by improving the oil’s capacity to handle heat and pressure.

What’s more, the synthetic oil keeps your engine clean and free from other contaminants. Conventional oils lack the same level of cleaning that synthetic oils offer. Synthetic oils have fewer impurities and the ability to handle a wide range of temperatures, making them the preferred choice of many car enthusiasts.

With synthetic motor oil, your engine will enjoy smooth oil flow regardless of the weather, as well as cleaner oil that remains free from sludge, dirt, and contaminants that can lead to breakdowns. Synthetic oils from oil changes provide longer-lasting use which will safeguard your engine, translating into a dependable car that requires less repair and maintenance.


Synthetic motor oil offers superior protection against engine breakdowns caused by extreme temperatures and harmful contaminants. Its refined base oils and carefully selected additives ensure optimal engine performance and durability, making it a smart choice for preserving your engine’s health. While synthetic oil may have a higher cost, the long-lasting engine performance and fewer repairs lead to significant savings over the life of the car. So why not give your car the best protection and use synthetic oils today?