Want to extend the life of your tires and greatly increase your safety on the road? Are you aware that regular driving puts a lot of stress on even the highest quality tires? 
Most of us don’t think about it nearly enough. The truth is, rotating your tires with routine maintenance on your vehicle should be done periodically (based on your tires and driving habits). At Valvoline Express Care Brampton, our qualified technicians are here to protect your investment; and save you time and money in maintaining your vehicle.

Tire rotation service Brampton: what causes tires to wear out quickly?

Slamming hard on the breaks, acceleration and sharp fast turns can definitely result in more tire wear than relaxed driving. Worn out tires pose a danger on the road because they have very little tread and traction. Tire rotation service Brampton: before buying a new set of tires, you need to understand the reasons for wear.
Pay attention to wheel alignment. When the car seems to pull in one direction or feels wobbly while driving, the tires may need to be professionally balanced and the front end may need realignment. A small amount of looseness in the wheel suspension parts that doesn’t get fixed can lead to rapid wear. Ball joints that are loose and vibrate when your vehicle is in motion often cause tires to wear unevenly. This not only cuts the tire life in half, but it leads to poor gas mileage and possibly unsafe driving conditions.
If you spot any of these conditions, stop by tire rotation service Brampton. We’ll be glad to inspect your tires to see if a repair can be done (before it’s too late and will need replacing). Better safe than sorry, as they say.

Extend the life your tires by getting rotations done at Valvoline

Our technicians know tires and the best rotation pattern for each type of tire. Whether your tires come with asymmetric or uni-directional tread designs, we will help determine if your tires need to be rotated on the fly (don’t forget the spares). Tire rotation service Brampton check for tire pressure, misalignment or other mechanical problems.

Tire rotation service Brampton – the final verdict

Because they do all the steering, the front tires usually wear faster than the rear, which is one of the reasons you want to rotate your tires. When you buy new tires for the front, and leave existing tires on the back, you’ll have uneven tread thickness. The only thing worse is hearing that one bad tire can’t be replaced and now you need to replace all four. If you drive like that long enough you will eventually burn out your vehicles drive train.
Save your money on premature tire replacement. Bring in your car to tire rotation service Brampton according to your vehicles owners’ manual, (between 4,000 – 6,000 miles) or every other oil change. This is the best way to ensure they stay in good condition and keep your car running smoothly for years to come.
P.S. Allowing for more tread wear, we will help maximize traction on all wheels and get the most miles out of your tires.