A windshield chip results from a heavy impact on the windshield by a small object or rock. This will cause a small spot on the damaged area and, at times, seems insignificant damage. It won’t be easy to recognize from a distance, but several factors may worsen it.

The damaged part on the windshield will attract dirt, dust, and debris. The outside pressure, like from rain, water will force dirt into the chip. Failure to repair the exposed chip on time will worsen the situation, becoming more challenging to repair the windshield crack. The following are necessities why one should repair a windshield on time.

Chip to a crack

Crack formations are often caused by common factors like driving, unfavourable weather, and fatigue. Extreme temperatures also add up the problem. On the other hand, extreme hot or cold, either interior part or exterior, causes expansion and contraction of the glass. This will cause the chip to become bigger than average. In some situations, hailstorms may worsen or form chips on the glass.

Furthermore, some minor activities playing loud music or slamming the door may worsen the breakage. Extreme vibrations and nasty jolts may cause cracks in the glass where chips are formed. High pressure on the glass forces the chip to stretch and expand, causing rupture. The crack extends further, affecting vision hence endangering the lives of the passengers on board. Some windshield cracks may reach a situation where it cannot be repaired, forcing the owner to replace it.

Compromising vision

A crack or chip on the windshield draws total attention every time, regardless of ignorance. Majorly the one on the drivers’ side may lead to a fatal accident if ignored. Chip and crack obstruct the driver’s view carrying away attention from the moving vehicle on the road. Furthermore, it causes poor vision and sometimes reflects sunlight.

Disgusting appearance

The more dust, debris, and dirt access damaged areas forming a huge layer, the more difficult the windshield is to repair. If repair is done, the outcome may seem cloudy or form a dirt patch on the surface of the windshield. Some may have opted for an old fashioned remedy of tape on-chip. They have not realized the appearance of the car for the worse.

Safety at risk

During a tragic rollover or collision, the windshield shields the roof from curving in or collapsing. It further protects the passengers from getting thrown out of the vehicle during an accident. A weak windshield puts the passengers at higher risk as well. If it shuts out during an accident, it can cause more hazardous injuries. The windshield is cheap to repair rather than replace. Getting a new windshield costs more than half the cost of repair. When left neglected, small nick will expand further due to external stressors worsening with time until a state where it will be unfixable. Another reason is the time taken during the repair. You can get speedy glass repair in less than an hour, a windshield replacement takes can take few hours or days. Windshield repair will save you a lot in terms of money and time.

Lower market value or the car

Like any other asset, physical appearance is an important indicator when determining quality. The poor condition and unfriendly physical appearance may not attract more buyers during resale. The value of your car will reduce if your windshield is damaged. The windshield is considered an essential structure of your vehicle, and therefore it is essential to maintain it in good condition. 

Small seeming more minor nick can compromise passenger’s safety, lower the vehicle’s worth, and cost you a lot of money on restoration. You need to ensure that there’s no single damage to your car, even if it seems minor.