For drivers across Canada, and especially in the province of Ontario, it is strongly recommended to take some preventative action to protect your vehicle before the winter even starts.


One effective way to do this is by having your car rust proofed by a professional.
The amount of salt on the roads in Ontario once the winter begins is hazardous to the health of your vehicle. Don’t get me wrong, road salt is a necessary precaution for driver safety, but it can do serious damage to cherished auto without proper planning.


When it comes to majority of drivers out there, buying a car is a significant purchase. A considerable amount of time and money will go into keeping running smoothly and efficiently.
Regular maintenance is important, not only to keep your car operational, but also to help preserve its value.
The average cover owner in Canada, typically holds on to a car for about 5 or 6 years before giving it up for a new one. That being the case, it is essential to have regular professional maintenance done to keep resale values as high as possible.
If you are trying to sell a car covered in rust, good luck getting a reasonable price for it. Appearance is a huge factor for potential car buyers, and a rust bucket is not attractive to anyone.
Regular rust protection is an excellent preventative measure. Now is the perfect time to do it before the severe weather begins to set in.


Rust Proofing Brampton

For exemplary rust proofing services in the Brampton and GTA, a fantastic option for ultimate vehicle protection resides at Valvoline Express Care.
Valvoline Express Care is an experienced automotive service provider located in Brampton.
For the best rust proofing in Brampton, you can stop into Valvoline Express Care with no appointment necessary.
Valvoline Express Care offers a team of rust proofing specialists that provide your vehicle with optimal protection against turbulent Canadian winters.
A specialized chemical compound is applied to your vehicle, providing lasting protection to all its metal components the are susceptible to rust.

How is rust formed?

Rust is formed when metal is exposed to moisture and oxygen for a lengthy time period. If left untreated this rust quickly spreads throughout your vehicle, and can cause irreparable damage. Once a metal component of your car has been eaten away by rust, there is no reversing that process.

Rust Proofing Options Brampton

There are several options for rust protection offered at Valvoline Express Care.
Some of the delivery methods you can choose from are:

  • Drip oil spray
  • Dripless oil spray
  • Tar based spray
  • Electronic protection

Drip Oil Spray

Drip oil spray is one of the most popular choices for rust proofing because it is fairly easy to apply and provides comprehensive protection.
Drip oil spray has a runny consistency, allowing for accessible application to all the crevasses and hard to reach spots on your vehicle.
One slightly invasive feature of drip oil spray is that holes must be drilled inside the car doors and bumpers so the whole car can be treated.
Also, oil may drip onto your driveway with this type of rust proofing.

Dripless Oil Spay

The dripless spray works in much the same way as the drip spray, except this product is more viscous and hardens quickly when it dries.
Holes will still need to be drilled to get at all enclosed areas, but it is not as versatile as the drip spray.

Tar Based Spray

Tar based sprays are typically applied to the undercarriage of a vehicle, including the wheel wells and floor pans. Once it dries, it hardens to provide extra protective layer against the elements.
It is essential that the undercarriage is completely clean before administration.

Electronic Protection

This is the latest technology in rust proofing, and it works with the installation of a tiny electric module in your car. This module emits electric currents to break up the formation of rust.