You are driving on the road one day, and then a thunderstorm rolls in, splashing dirty water across your windshield. You flick on the switch to remove rain and debris that has clogged your view ahead (and behind). Yet, your windshield wipers fail to function, immediately putting your safety at risk when you need them most. Exposure to sunlight and the ozone cause wiper blades to get hard and brittle, and then tear. For this main reason, windscreen wipers need to be checked regularly. Don’t give it a second thought. At Valvoline Express Care Wiper Replacement Brampton, our technicians will remove the old ones for you and replace them with new wiper blades. 

While wiper blades seem to be a fairly useless part of your car, this one small piece of safety equipment makes driving less dangerous, and less of a headache. If you are like me, you definitely don’t want wiper blades to struggle to remove water in another downpour. And with other drivers sharing the road with you, you don’t want this faulty design to put your and other lives at risk. Take action now to prevent a disastrous driving experience. Your windscreen might just save your life! At wiper replacement Brampton, we recommend that you replace your wiper blades once every 6 months to ensure they continue to provide maximum visibility.

Let’s look at 3 signs which contribute to the breakdown of wiper blades:

Too much noise      

What’s that squealing sound wipers make when you pass over the windscreen? Is this good or bad? Driving can be extremely distracting if the wiper blades are making a significant amount of noise. Because they are constantly exposed to the sun, the rubber part of the wiper blade tends to wear out much sooner than the metal frame. And when the weakened blade can no longer support the weight of the arm that holds them into place, it makes this awful sound. Before this noise ruins the wipers efficiency to remove water, replace the blade at wiper replacement Brampton as soon as possible.

Wiper blade is not making proper contact with the windscreen

Has your blade stopped connecting with the upper portion of the windscreen on the passenger’s side? This may be a sign that your wiper arm is getting weak, and losing pressure. In this situation, you may have no choice. Despite your windshield wiper being the perfect length, drive your car over to wiper replacement Brampton to replace the complete assembly with a new one.

Visible streaks or smearing that won’t wipe away

Is tree sap, salt or road tar getting in your line of vision? At wiper replacement Brampton, we understand that water leaves the worse white marks on the windscreen, which make it difficult to see what’s happening ahead of your vehicle. However, simple and affordable maintenance would help you to avoid such things, and enjoy pleasant driving.

Even the best quality blade will perform poorly if it doesn’t fit. Get the safety assurance that you need with wiper replacement Brampton. Our AQUABLADE has a special steel frame that reduces clogging, snow, and ice. In addition to meeting OEM standards, these wiper blades are weather resistant, making it the perfect windshield wiper for Canada. Another option is SURGE BLADE. These dependable wiper blades provide consistent streak-free wiping, so you can stay ahead of the storm. See your car’s owner manual for specifications required.

When wiper blades lose their flexibility, wiper replacement Brampton will provide you a replacement blade that fits your car, and gives you a clear, safe view of the road ahead. P.S. It’s also a good idea to keep a bottle of washer fluid in the trunk to help your wiper blades do their work.